Homemade Hot Sauce

The wingtacular is coming up in a couple of weeks and I wanted to give a little help to the competitors. The basis of any good wing sauce is a good hot sauce. Over the counter hot sauces are good, but if you make your own you can control the ingredients and the amount of heat.  As always, nothing compares to homemade.

Habaneros, jalapenos, poblanos and long hot peppers were available at the grocery store.
Habaneros, jalapenos, poblanos and long hot peppers were available at the grocery store.

I went to the local grocery store last night looking for a nice mix of peppers to create my hot sauce. The main problem was that they were extremely limited in their selection. So for this hot sauce I am making a green hot sauce. It still has the spiciness that I look for in a hot sauce but it has a different color and more of an earthiness to it.

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Review: 25 Essential Techniques for Smoking

Every wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing 25 essential techniques for smoking by Ardie A. Davis. I love barbecuing and this seemed right up my alley. Artie A. Davis Artie is an award winning expert with his own barbecue university. … Read moreReview: 25 Essential Techniques for Smoking

Herb Garden Revisited

Update – The wingtacular has been moved up to May 16th.  We still have three more open spots. Click here to learn about the wingtacular.

A couple of weeks ago I planted 12 varieties of herbs and peppers in a self-watering seed starter that I purchased at Lowes.  You can find the link here. The whole thing went south when the self-watering indoor green house got a case of mold.  The mold covered all of the plants except for the pepper plants and the basil.  So needless to say, I have to start all over again.  I would not recommend the self watering green house starter as it pretty much sucks. 

I have transplanted the herbs and peppers that survived the deadly mold created by my crappy self watering green house.
I have transplanted the herbs and peppers that survived the deadly mold created by my crappy self watering green house.

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Grilling Tuna to Perfection

Grilling fish can be extremely hard.  Many questions come to mind.  Do I need a basket?  Do I need to oil the grill or the fish?  How do I season the fish?  Do I cook it on high, medium or indirect heat?  How long do I cook it for?  I had all of these questions.  I know, the guy with the blog had no idea, why should I continue reading you ask?  Well it is because I have done all of the work and after today’s post, hopefully you will have the answers.

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Sourdough Pizza

Last week on friday I made a sour dough starter. After stirring it today I noticed it was ready to go. The first thing that came to mind was sour dough pizza. When I was in college there was a pizzaria by my house with the best sour dough pizza. After years of trying I think that I may have finally figured it out.

Perfect crust and great sour dough flavor
Perfect crust and great sourdough flavor

Once you have your starter  this crust takes only and hour or so to make.  Rather fast for a pizza crust.  The recipe makes two crusts so if you don’t need the other one you can refrigerate it for 2-3 days or it freezes very well.

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What to do in DC this weekend (Apr. 24-26)

This weekend is going to be awesome.  High of 87 on sunday.  I can only think of one thing to do when it is that hot out.  Wine Tours.  Here in DC, at some the winerys you can take wine tours with your dogs.  Tucker appreciates it. Tucker looking forward to a little wine tour. Fabbioli … Read moreWhat to do in DC this weekend (Apr. 24-26)

Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been on a quest for the best chocolate chip cookies for a while.  After a while I have figured out the ingredients needed to make a really good cookie.  You need to use both butter and shortening.  If you use all butter your cookies come out flat and crunchy.  If you use all shortening your cookies come out fluffly but don’t spread out.  A perfect balance of the two gives you a light and fluffy cookie that is not too thick and not too thin.

Light fluffy with a little crisp on the edges.  The perfect cookie.
Light fluffy with a little crisp on the edges. The perfect cookie.

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Chicken Limone with Gnocchi

Update: It was a great time competing in foodie fights.  In the end I ended up in 5th place.  I want to thank everyone that voted.  With your help I ended up receiving the 3rd most popular votes.   Thanks again.

The time has arrived for my entry into the Foodie Fights Battle. After you check out my creation below, be sure to go look at the other competitors concoctions. After looking at the the other sites, vote for your favorite. You can vote using the poll at the end of this post or at any of the other competitors posts. It doesn’t matter what site you vote on, as all of the forms are linked to the same poll.

The ingredients that were picked for this battle are: Potatoes and Lemons. So I decided to make lemon basil chicken with homemade potato gnocchi.

Savory Lemon Chicken Over Homemade Potato Gnocchi
Savory Lemon Chicken Over Homemade Potato Gnocchi

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2nd Annual Wingtacular – Washington, DC

It is that time of the year again.  The second annual wingtacular! Saturday May 16th 23rd .  Last year we had 15 competitors making their own hot wing sauces.  Below is the picture of last years top three. As you can see first place was the coveted wingtacular cup, yes it holds a beer. Second place was … Read more2nd Annual Wingtacular – Washington, DC

The Infamous French Bacon Sandwich

I have been getting a few emails regarding the French Bacon Sandwich that I posted on my about page.  It is really tasty.  I first heard about the French Bacon Sandwich when I was in college.  My old roommate Nate and I were watching the South Park DVDs and the intro for Season 2.  The intro consisted of a fake cooking segment called Bakin Bacon with Macon.  In the cooking segment Trey Parker and Matt Stone teach the finer points of the French Bacon Sandwich.  It can be a little hard to watch as they feed bacon to a pig named macon.  So if you are a PETA fan or don’t like animal cruelty you may want to skip the link.  You can watch it here.

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