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Green Monster Cocktail

Every Wednesday I usually write a book review, but this week I was way to busy to sit down and read a book. I know it is a shame, but I have been extremely busy. So instead of reading a book, I made a cocktail. Who doesn’t need a cocktail half-way through the week. There is a long story behind this cocktail. I used to be a bartender in college. To keep my clientele up, I created a signature drink. It made it so that people would have to come into the bar when I was working. After experimenting for a while I came up with a shot that was amazing. I called it the green monster. It was a mixture of ingredients that when mixed had a alien-like green glow. Plus, it tasted like ecto-cooler. Below I am going to release my secret recipe onto the world.

After a few shots of the green monster I tried it as a stand alone cocktail. It was amazing, refreshing and took me back to flavors from my childhood.

The Green Monster

  • 1 oz Blue Raspberry Vodka – I use UV Blue
  • 1 oz Midori
  • 1 oz Sour Mix
  • 1/2 oz Lemonade – Use no pulp lemonade
  • 1/2 oz Lemon-Lime Soda – I used Sprite

The first step is to add ice to your shaker.  Shaking the cocktail in a shaker with ice before it hits a glass will preserve the ice in the glass and give you the opportunity to thoroughly mix the cocktail.

Fill with ice

Next add the vodka.

All they had at the local ABC was miniature bottles of UV.  What can I say, still gets you drunk.

All they had at the local ABC was miniature bottles of UV. What can I say, still gets you drunk.

Add the Midori.

This melon liquor is a nice addition for summer drinks.

This melon liquor is a nice addition for summer drinks.

Add the sour, lemonade and the sprite. Shake until you get a nice foam on the cocktail.

My shaker is just a metal tin, so it requires a pint glass to finish it off.

My shaker is just a metal tin, so it requires a pint glass to finish it off.

Fill your rocks glass with ice.  I would usually use an iceberg in the glass, but I forgot to make some.  Icebergs are a giant piece of ice that just fits in the glass.  Icebergs keep the drink cold, but since it is one piece it has less surface area hitting the cocktail to it melts slower.  Yes, stronger drinks.  Instead all I had was crushed ice.  It is hot here in DC and trust me, it won’t be around long enough to dilute.

The key to a good cocktail is ice.  A cold drink is a happy drink.

The key to a good cocktail is ice. A cold drink is a happy drink.

Now strain the drink into the glass.

Fill to the lip and enjoy!

Fill to the lip and enjoy!

There you go, the ultimate summer cocktail.  The green monster.

The Green Monster

The Green Monster

Tips and tricks –

If you can’t find Blue Raspberry Vodka, pick up raspberry vodka and add a 1/4 oz, Blue Curaçao to it.

Have fun and drink responsibly.

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  • comment avatar Nic July 29, 2009

    I am so making this for folks at work tomorrow night! They always love it when I make them something new. It sounds light and refreshing. I'll even call it "Rex's Green Monster" to give you credit. =P

    • comment avatar Rex July 29, 2009

      It is great as a chilled shot too. It was my go to shot back in the day. People would come in whenever I was working just to get it. Hopefully it will be a tip machine for you too.

  • comment avatar J. Gitter August 30, 2009

    Nice… Lakefront Brewery

  • comment avatar Rex August 30, 2009

    J. Gitter – It is a classic glass too with the old saying on it. “One More and Then We Will Go”.

  • comment avatar Angel August 30, 2009

    I might try this with absinthe… Muahaha I have a bottle lying around im not sure i’ll ever finish.

    • comment avatar Rex August 30, 2009

      Angel you will have to let me know how it is with absinthe. I am unsure how it would taste with the anise flavor of absinthe. Now that I am thinking about it, it could be really tasty. Keep me posted.

  • comment avatar drunkpusher August 31, 2009

    i mix, make, and serve drinks for a living. i don’t know why you would shake up sprite into a drink- it just kills the carbonation. and the drink sounds vile. it exemplifies the sugary tastes of kids who do all they can to avoid tasting the alcohol in an alcoholic beverage

    • comment avatar Rex August 31, 2009

      The drink was originally mixed as a shot so that is why I added the sprite to the shaker. I see what you are saying though. It added just a little fizz to the shot. As a drink, for maximum carbonation, it would be best to pour the sprite in after mixing the other ingredients and stir. As for the sweetness of the drink, opinions vary. Some like it sweet others like it to taste like the liquor they are consuming. This drink is not for everyone. Thanks for the comment.

  • comment avatar Philtron3030 October 18, 2009

    I could crush these on a summer day…but it sounds REALLY sweet.

    Why not use straight vodka? The Midori is enough…

    • comment avatar Rex October 19, 2009

      I used blue UV as I wanted a raspberry vodka flavor to help mellow it out. When I created this drink the only raspberry vodka at the bar was blue UV. The blue also creates a more neon green for the shot. But it can totally be made without the blue UV.

  • comment avatar Philtron3030 October 19, 2009

    I might have to try with straight vodka…thanks for the drink hustling tips:)

  • comment avatar Xavier Puccetti February 7, 2012

    What’s up, is it rite to just study from publications not to pay a visit internet for newest updates, what you say guys?

  • comment avatar ewwwww July 10, 2012

    midori… no… never… you can buy a bottle for the look… pour it out… piss in it… serve that and it's still gonna taste better

    • comment avatar savoryreviews July 10, 2012

      To each is own. Can't knock it till you try it. I understand that some hate melon liquors. Tastes differ, However, this is a nice light and refreshing drink.

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