Not every recipe can be a huge success.  I am 2-2 with the pancakes on this blog.  The deep fried pancakes were a horrible failure, now the cinnamon swirl pancakes are yet another epic failure.  The other weekend I was experimenting with a cinnamon syrup mixture that I wanted to swirl into the pancakes.   It was a horrible mess.  Here is the story.

It may look nice now, but 30 seconds after this pic, the batter was all over my kitchen.  The cinnamon swirl, never cooked.
It may look nice now, but 30 seconds after this pic, the batter was all over my kitchen. The cinnamon swirl, never cooked.

The syrup mixture ran everywhere and made caramelized crisps in the pan, that eventually burned and tainted the pancakes.

I started with a pan of maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon.  I reduced it an made it into a thick syrup.  I then drizzled it into the pancakes and it immediately sank through the pancake and started to burn.  Awesome!!

Cinnamon Sugar Syrup
Cinnamon Sugar Syrup

So then I mixed a cup of pancake mix with it and made a cinnamon flavored pancake batter.

Added pancake batter to cinnamon sugar syrup
Added pancake batter to cinnamon sugar syrup

I then poured a normal pancake and after it almost set, I swirled in the cinnamon pancake batter.  It stayed pretty well, but when I flipped the pancake it wasn’t set and went all over the kitchen.

It was a no go
It was a no go

Next I added the pancake batter and then immediately swirled the cinnamon batter in.  I wanted to make really cool spirals.  This time I added it too early and the cinnamon batter mixed with the regular batter and I had just cinnamon pancakes.

Basically I had cool yin-yang pancakes, but only the regular pancake half cooked.
Basically I had cool yin-yang pancakes, but only the regular pancake half cooked.

Each and every time the cinnamon pancake mixture burned before it was cooked.

Finally I scrapped my maple cinnamon mixture and made another cinnamon pancake batter using just a little cinnamon and brown sugar.  This one was thicker and appeared to be a better consistency.  So I tried the swirl technique once again.  To no avail, I failed once again.  This time the batters spread out too much and failed to make the swirl that I had hoped to make.

Worst spiral ever!!!
Worst spiral ever!!!

By this time I had used about 5lbs of flour and officially checked this one off as a Epic Failure.

If you have any suggestions for making swirl pancakes let me know.  I want to be able to take this one off the epic failure list.


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  1. I’m still struggling with making good pancakes so I can’t give you any good advice. At least your pancake designs are entertaining. Deep fried pancakes? Isn’t that pretty much funnel cake? only solid?

  2. This sounds like a delicious idea and the pictures make it look awesome but it sounds like it turned out to be a disaster!
    I did look it up because it sounds so good and there is a recipe that uses the batter, applesauce & cinnamon. I don’t think that the applesauce would burn, right? Just a thought…

    • I might have to try that out spud. For some reason, the cinnamon made it so that the pancake batter wouldn’t cook at the same speed as the rest of the batter. So I was flinging cinnamon batter everywhere.

  3. I think I am going to take this feat on this weekend! Wish me luck!

    • I wish you the best of luck Melissa. If you figure it out, you will have to let me know.

    • I totally hear you Thrifty. I actually showered for about 2 hours straight after making the deep fried pancakes.

  4. I am so amused at this attempt to make cinnamon swirl pancakes that I want a go at it. Let me go figure out this one….I need something constructive to do.

    • OH…I am all ready wearing my epic failure button because I pulled out our carrots that were still in the vegetable garden all squishy, bumpy and not so yummy looking. So, if I fail, I all ready am wearing my epic failure button. :o)P

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