As a starter, I am writing this post spaced out on Percoset.  Now that is a good first line.  If this post seems to run on or go a little weird you know why.

Well we should start this out at the beginning.  Today I was going to post about some fabulous steak fajitas (the post will be on saturday), but yesterday I had an epic failure that was post perfect.  My day started normally, with Tucker licking my face at 7am sharp.  I fed him and went back upstairs to work.  After a couple of pots of coffee it was 1PM and time for lunch. 

I had some sweet steak fajita leftovers so I decided to heat them up.  I hate the microwave so I started with a hot fry pan.  I quickly seared the steak and then added the peppers to the pan.  I didn’t want to burn the steak, but I wanted it heated through so I wanted to finish it in the oven.  So I placed the pan in a 400 degree oven to finish heating the steak. After 9 minutes it was done.  As I removed the pan from the oven I recieved a phone call so I placed the pan on the stove.

The phone call took a minute and then I returned to my meal.  I plated a couple of tortillas and went to the stove to grab the meat.  I reached out and grabbed the pan picked it up and started to carry it to the table.  Suddenly it hit me.  The pan was frickin 400 degrees.  So I threw it back on the stove and looked down. 

My hand was blistered in a perfect match to the handle.  As I looked back up there were 3, yep 3 pot holders sitting next to the searing hot pan.  Failure of epic proportions, yep.  So I ran my hand under cold water thinking that the burn was not that bad.  Yeah, I was wrong, the pain almost brought me to my knees.  So I turned the stove off, wrapped my hand in a cool towel and was off to the emergency room.  2nd degree burns hurt. 

I was gone for 3 hours, getting my hand wrapped and receiving much needed pain killers.  When I returned Tucker was at the door ringing the bell to go outside.  I took him outside and he had massive diarreah.  What a great end to the day.  So I pop a couple percosets to stop the pain and lie down.  A couple of hours later I feel that I should get up to clean the kitchen as I left it a mess. 

When I enter the kitcken all of the pans are clean, except the counter was a little dirty.  Under a little closer examination, not only was it dirty, it had Tucker prints on it.  Tucker ate the whole steak and all of the peppers.  While I was in the emergency room, Tucker was up on the counter having a feast.  No wonder why he had massive diarreah.  He ate 1.5 pounds of steak.  On the other hand he licked the pans clean and there is absolutely no stuck on food. 

In the end, the lesson to learn is to use pot holders and to check pans for temperature before picking them up.  Oh, and if you have a big dog, put the steak away before leaving.  No matter how well your dog is trained a big juicy steak and no supervision will turn him into a thief. 


At least I will always have my pot holder on me at all times.
At least I will always have my pot holder on me at all times.

Have a great day and don’t get burned…

Rex is an avid griller, barbecuer and bacon enthusiast. He is the Pitmaster for the Rex BBQ competition team. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. If you have any questions or wish to have Rex decode your favorite dish, click on the ASK REX link in the menu above.


    • The hand is doing great. No pain at all. The bacon explosion looks awesome. I am definitely going to have to make one. Thanks for the link.

  1. ReX,

    I hOpE tHe PaiN MeDs aren’T cAuSiNg aNy OdD sIdE eFfEcTs. 😉

    Man that sucks but have done a bit of that myself. Heel quick!

    Oh wait, that was for the dog. You HEAL quick!

    • Chris the hand is doing good. With the way you type I figured you were on the pain meds. Haha.

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