I love martinis but I really love dirty martinis. I something about the olive brine that makes a nice drink.  While this is a simple recipe, bartenders around the world screw it up.  Either the Dirty Martini has too much olive brine or it only has a splash.  For the perfect Dirty you need to get the olive brine just right.

The Perfect Dirty Martini
The Perfect Dirty Martini

Here is a pic of the first Dirty Martini on my new bar.

Vodka Dirty Martini

  • 2 oz of your favorite Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
  • 1 oz Olive Brine
  • 2 large olives

Mix the ingredients in a shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Yep that is it.  The real secret is the amount of each ingredient.

Extreme Closeup
Extreme Closeup

I made a few and I tried using Olive stuffed with jalapenos and garlic.  Wow, it was a magnificent drink.  The garlic and jalapenos really added to the olive brine.  The flavors came through in the cocktail.  I recommend trying olives stuffed with various other things besides pimentos.  I bet a blue cheese stuffed olive would be amazing too.

To make a traditional Gin Dirty Martini just substitute Gin for the vodka.

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