Back in October I brewed beer with a couple friends at Shenandoah Brewery.  Here is the link.  Last week before the giant blizzard we went back to bottle it.  It was a pretty simple procedure taking about an hour and a half for 120 bottles.  In the end we ended up with a fine product.

Hellesfest Octoberfest Beer
Hellesfest Oktoberfest Beer

We didn’t splurge for labels as they added almost a dollar to each bottle.  I think I can imagine a label no problem for that price.

First we sanitized the bottles in the bottle washer.  Basically it is a high end dishwasher for each individual bottle.

Next we filled the bottles.  This was a relatively simple procedure that took forever to accomplish.  Basically you place each individual bottle in the bottling apparatus.  Push the button.  It makes a seal and carbonates and fills the beer simultaneously.    Wait 5 seconds and then press the button again.  At 25-30 seconds a bottle and 120 bottles to fill.  Yep, forever!!

The Filler
The Filler

After filling remove the bottle and cap it.  Pretty simple, place a cap on the bottle and then press down on the capping apparatus.  That is it.


Rinse the bottles and dry them off and you have a perfect beer.

The money shot
The money shot

We brewed a Hellesfest lager.  Basically a 5.2% Oktoberfest beer.  Pretty sweet.  After brewing we had 11.2 gallons.  After fermentation we ended up with around 10.4 gallons.  All in all, this was a lot of fun.  The beer was tasty, but I am not sure if I will splurge to make another case of beer for $3 a bottle.  At $3 a bottle I want a beer that I know is made perfectly and I don’t have to actually make.

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  1. I didn't know how to get beer into a bottle which is weird, because I have about 25 years of experience in getting it OUT of a bottle.

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