Parmesan Oven Fries

I am a huge fan of potatoes.  Maybe that is the Midwesterner in me.  Maybe it because I love starch.  I really don’t have an answer for it, but I do know that I love potatoes.  So whenever I am looking for a side, I always look to potatoes first.  Searching through the internet I found a great recipe for Parmesan Potato Wedges.

parmesan oven fries

Topped with parmesan and parsley these potatoes are awesome!!

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What to do this Weekend in DC – (January 29-31)

Every Friday I compile a list of the best culinary or unique things to do in DC that weekend. As with the past weekends, this weekend is filled with discounted 3-course meals. Yep, restaurant weeks are in full swing. This week we have Baltimore’s Restaurant Week and Bethesda-Chevy Chases Restaurant Week. Also this weekend will be your last chance to see the Panda Cub Tai Shan before he heads back to China. The Farewell Celebration is on Saturday, more details below. In honor of Tai Shan I found a picture of him from his 3rd birthday. Trust me, it is him.

Tai Shan

So many things going on….

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Balsamic Barbecued Chicken

The weather here in DC has been all over the place.  We have had snow one day and a sunny 65 degree day the next.  Who knows what it is going to look like tomorrow.  When it is nice, I like to take advantage of it, you never know when it is gonna snow.  It just so happened that earlier this week we had a 65 degree day.  So I immediately began planning a barbecue.  It has been so long since I fired up the Weber that I did not know what to cook.  So I researched a good barbecue recipe.  I finally came upon a barbecue sauce recipe from Giada that used balsamic vinegar as the base.  I was intrigued.  So I made.

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Vodka Limonata

Do I love cocktail Wednesday or what.  It has been warm and cold here in DC.  Some days it is 30 and others it is 60.  The other night it was 60 and I wanted to grill.  Nothing goes with warm weather like cocktails and grilling.   Today I am trying out a refreshing cocktail that is almost completely based on the mixer.  You know the type, vodka cranberry, vodka OJ, Crown and Ginger etc….  Today is no different, the mixer is  Limonata.

This cocktail is light, refreshing and just waiting for a summer barbecue.

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Chicken Salad

Today is the second and final day of what to do with a store bought rotisserie chicken.  Basically last week I was shopping and they had whole roasted chickens for $5.  It was such a good price I could not pass it up.  Yesterday I used half of the chicken to make bbq chicken quesadillas.  They were delicious and fast to make.  Today I am going to tackle chicken salad.  I love a mixture of dark and light meat in my chicken salad.  So I saved the legs, 1 thigh and 1 breast for today.  Further I made another loaf of No-Knead Bread which went perfectly with the chicken salad.

No-knead bread with chicken salad is awesome.

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BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Last week I went to the local Safeway and they had an amazing deal on rotisserie chickens.  Only $5.  So I decided to purchase one and make a couple of recipes.  Using the roasted chicken you can quickly make a couple of meals.  There is plenty of meat on the bird and the bones can be used to make a nice stock or even a whole chicken noodle soup. The first recipe is inspired by the upcoming football game weekend.  You know the one.  I would call it by its name but I don’t want to get sued.  Hand-held foods are the best for football parties.

bbq chicken quesadillas

This quesadilla is quick, easy, portable and totally delicious.

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Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread

Earlier this week I made a loaf of No-Knead Bread.  It was awesome.  The crust was crunchy and delicious.  So I decided to try a different type of bread.  Whole Wheat.  Granted it is not that different but the whole wheat flour made the bread react differently.  Granted the loaf looks delicious, it needed a few more hours of rising time.

Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread

Once again the loaf came out amazing looking.  The crust was dark and crunchy.

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What to do this Weekend in DC – January 22-24

Baltimore Restaurant Week

At select restaurants, enjoy a variety of three-course dinners, in just about any cuisine that strikes your fancy, for only $35.10 or try three-course lunches at select restaurants for just $20.10.

Here is the list of Restaurants.

I don’t know too much about Baltimore.  If you guys have any suggestions on restaurants, let me know.

Alexandria Restaurant Week

Alexandria’s Restaurant week is still going on till the 24th.  You can dine on $35 Prix Fix menu, a $35 dinner for two or $3.50 for a sweet treat.  Alexandria is pulling out all of the stops.

To see all of the Restaurants Participating check out the Alexandria Restaurant Week website.

Highlights of Restaurant Week.

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A couple of weeks ago I received a request from one of my readers (Cedric) to do a rice dish.  I love rice so I knew this was going to be a great suggestion.  I started to think about what I like in dish.  Meat, veggies and a great flavor.  One of Cedric’s suggestions was to do a Jambalaya.  This sounded great.  So I started to research Jambalaya’s.  Most used pre-cooked protein and/or required a lot of work.  I wanted a one pot dish that would be tasty and full of flavor.  So I decided to make a chicken, andouille and shrimp Jambalaya.  Yep, a kitchen sink Jambalaya.


The Jambalaya had a little kick of heat and an excellent flavor.

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The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule was developed to change America’s drinking habits from Gin to Vodka.  Sounds like a winner to me.  I am not a big fan of gin, but vodka is my friend.  This is a simple drink containing Vodka, Lime and Ginger Beer.

Moscow Mule

The ginger beer and lime ad a nice little kick to this cocktail.

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Red Velvet Cake

The other day I wanted something sweet and I could not figure out exactly what to make.  Then I was doing a little searching on the internet and came across a red velvet cake.  My mom used to make red velvet cake, but I totally forgot about it.  Reminiscing I decided to make one.

Red Velvet Cake

As you can see the white of the frosting and the rich red cake make a perfect looking dessert.

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Review: Granville Moore’s

Do you ever watch the Food Network?  If so you have probably seen the Chef/Owner of Granville Moore’s, Teddy Folkman.  He beat Bobby Flay in a mussels throwdown.  He also was on season 5 of the Next Food Network star.  Granted he was best known for being the guy that lied, but heck that has nothing to do with his food.  Besides Teddy, Granfille Moore’s is known for Moules Frites.  What is Moules Frites, why it is Mussels and Fries.  I love mussels so I had to give this place a try.

Walking to the place we almost missed it and walked right by the door.  The only sign is quite small and above the front door.  If it wasn’t for the line outside, we would totally have missed it.  Once inside we waited for a seat at the bar.  Oh, if you don’t have a reservation, you will be waiting a long while for a table.  Luckily we found a spot at the bar.  I like the bar, you can really see how a restaurant works by watching the waitstaff.  It doesn’t matter what restaurant you are in, the waitstaff always migrates to the bar.  If the waitstaff is having fun, you will have fun.  Plus, the bartenders will not steer you wrong when it comes to the menu.  This might be a bit biased, as I bartended for 8 years, but it has not failed me.

Granville Moore’s goes through 1200 pounds of mussels and 1400 pounds of potatoes every single week.  They must be doing something right.  The menu is focused on a Gastropub theme that is heavily focused on the mussels, fries and dipping sauces. Don’t forget the massive selection of Belgian Beers.  Chimay anyone?

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No Knead Bread

My friend Nick over at Macheesmo is always raving about No Knead Bread.  So I decided to look it up.  It is a simple recipe with just four ingredients.  Flour, salt, water and yeast.  No Knead Bread was devised by Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC. He devised a method that takes little effort and produces a superior product.  I have been unable to partake as it requires a Cast Iron Dutch Oven to make perfectly.  Luckily my Mother and Father love me and bought me an enameled cast iron pan for Christmas.  So I decided to make a loaf of No Knead Bread.

The rustic loaf
The rustic loaf

The bread came out crusty and delicious.  I still can’t believe the flavor.

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