Irish Car Bomb


St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.  I used to work in an Irish Pub in Milwaukee and at about this time every year, we started to sell thousands of Irish Car Bombs.  It is a mixture of Irish Stout beer, Irish whiskey and Irish cream.  Together it makes a great creamy drop shot.  Yep, this one involves a two part process.  You have to drop the shot in the beer and then chug.  They can be messy, but they are a lot of fun.  Plus, they get you really drunk.  Who doesn’t love that.

The Irish Car Bomb

This shot is the ultimate marriage between beer and liquor.

Irish Car Bomb

  • 8 oz Guinness Irish Stout
  • 1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

Pour 8oz (1/2 can) of Guinness Irish Stout into a pint glass. Fill a shot glass 3/4 full of Jameson Irish Whiskey, then top with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Drop the shot into the beer and chug.

Drop the shot into the pint glass Ready to Chug

Make sure to chug or else the mixture starts to coagulate.  Not a good thing.  However, when made correctly this shot is creamy and delicious.

Time to Party

Above is the last thing you see before you let loose and party.


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