There is nothing more fitting on this Holiday of Holiday’s than a shot of Jameson.  So lets have a little history lesson.  St. Patrick is commonly known as the patron saint of Ireland.  Starting out as a Christian holiday this day of feast has become a more secular holiday celebrating Ireland as a whole.  Shamrocks are a part of the celebration as it is rumored that St. Patrick used the three-leaved plant to describe the holy trinity.  Now they are worn because valley girls and muscle men think they are cool looking.  Can’t blame them, nothing says cool like a leaf.  The color originally associated with St. Patrick was blue, however it has morphed to green.  It is not known how the color morphed, I think someone was color blind and screwed it up.  Any thoughts?  Any way, this day has grown into the Ultimate Day of Irish pride.  Parties, Parades and all things Green/or Blue depending on what you see.  So to Ireland, St. Patrick and all of you, I offer a shot.  Cheers!

Shot of Jamo

Cheers once again.  Jamo is like Lays Potato Chips, I bet you can’t have just one….


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