It is that time of the year.  Oktoberfest.  Grab your Das Boot and get ready to have a beer or ten.  Besides Oktoberfest there are a ton of things to do in DC.  Check out the fairs, block parties and local orchards.  It is going to be a nice weekend.  Get outside and have a good time.

Clarendon Day – Saturday (Sept. 25)

Clarendon Day Block Party.  The best cuisine in town from over a dozen restaurants. Live music on 2 stages will provide the soundtrack. Kid’s Carnival, Kinderhaus Kid’s Stage, and more. The outdoor market features retail booths, arts and crafts. The Clarendon Day 10k/5k and Fun Run starts at 9am.

Hours of Operation – 11AM to 5PM

Location – Clarendon and Wilson Boulevards between N. Garfield Street and Washington Boulevard

Das Best Oktoberfest – Saturday-Sunday (Sept. 25-26)

All The Show Features Are Under Cover- so Rain or Shine- you are totally wunderbar! As you enter the show, you’ll receive a souvenir tasting mug and 6 beer tokens. For those who like to drink more, you are welcome to purchase more tokens ($1 each), just drink responsibly. There is nothing worse than a professional person (dressed in a German outfit) slurring their words as they sing drinking songs!

There will be lots of the best International Beers and Wines and lots of Oompah bands to enjoy your favorite German drinking songs. You can also enjoy the sausages, potato cakes, sour beef, schnitzel and other great German classics! Is that a snitzengruben I smell?!?!?!?!?

Other great Festival foods will be there, as well. If the food and the drinks aren’t enough then go to the Main Stage and enjoy the great music. Or check out the Oompah Bands on the German Stage.

•For those of you who are “man” enough ……win big cash in the Biggest Beer Belly Competition

•For the ladies………the Miss Oktoberfest Competition

Hours – 12PM – 6PM

Location – National Harbor

Frederick County Fair – Friday to Sunday (Sept. 24-25)

I love fair food. Coming from the midwest you get to have pretty much anything that your heart desires on a stick. Bacon, hot dogs, mac n cheese and even cheesecake. I have never been to this fair but I am sure that they will have corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Admission: $7

Location: 797 East Patrick Street PO Box 604 Frederick, MD 21705

Lovettsville Oktoberfest – (Sept. 24-27)

In celebration of Lovettsville’s German heritage, the 17th Annual Oktoberfest will take place during the last weekend of September. Friday night the activities begin with a live band in the main tent.  The main event is Saturday when the Town comes alive with food, crafts, and entertainment along the Town’s historic streets. There will be a pancake breakfast and a community church service on Sunday with music in the tent in the afternoon. There will be a Scramble Golf Tournament on Monday.  As with past years, the festival is FREE to the public and FREE parking is provide.  Food, Beer and Crafts are available for purchase.

Pick Your Own Apples and Pumpkins

Heartland Orchards

3064 Hartland Lane,  Markham, VA 22643


Homestead Farm

15600 Sugarland Road, Poolesville, Maryland 20837


Larriland Farm

2415 Woodbine Road | Woodbine, MD 21797


Rex is an avid griller, barbecuer and bacon enthusiast. He is the Pitmaster for the Rex BBQ competition team. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. If you have any questions or wish to have Rex decode your favorite dish, click on the ASK REX link in the menu above.

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