Recreating Pizza Hut Breadsticks

Pizza Hut Breadstick Recipe

The other day I recreated the Pizza Hut Pan Pizza.  To be honest, the only reason I recreated the pizza hut pizza was to figure out the dough so that I could make the breadsticks.  The breadsticks are my favorite part of the Pizza Hut experience.  Since the dough was perfect, the only thing missing was the breadstick topping.

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Recreating the Pizza Hut Pan Pizza

Recreating Pizza Hut Pizza

Nothing says Christmas Eve like pizza.  However, the pizza joints close early.  I am always craving pizza and today I was craving Pizza Hut.  I know it is not the best pizza around but it is still tasty.  The Pizza Hut Pan Pizza has a unique taste that makes you crave it even when you … Read moreRecreating the Pizza Hut Pan Pizza

Homemade Noodles a la KitchenAid

Homemade Noodles

I received my Christmas present a tad bit early from my soon to be in-laws. They got me the KitchenAid pasta roller and cutter attachments. Basically the perfect gift for a food blogger. I have been wanting to make pasta from the minute that I unwrapped the present. Luckily within a few minutes I was … Read moreHomemade Noodles a la KitchenAid

Take a Tour of My Pad

A couple of months back Dana and I got on a home makeover Reality TV Show.  The show was called Real Estate Intervention.  Basically we wanted to sell the house, but we needed a little help with staging and pricing.  I have embedded the video below. After you watch, remember not all that you see … Read moreTake a Tour of My Pad