Creamed Spinach for Two

Creamed Spinach

We are closely approaching Valentines Day.  With the state of the economy this year seems like a year for staying in and cooking.  So I have come up with a few recipes for two that will work perfect on your special night.  I am starting with the sides as they are my favorite part of … Read moreCreamed Spinach for Two

Epic Failure – Sun-dried Tomato Tilapia

Epic Failure - Sun Dried Tomato Tilapia

Even a food blogger has an epic failure every once in a while.  I have found that these posts get the most interest.  Maybe it is because it shows that even bloggers have faults.  I have no idea.  However, today is one for the books.  I have pan fried and finished many tilapia in my … Read moreEpic Failure – Sun-dried Tomato Tilapia

Coney Island Hot Dog Chili

Coney Island Chili Dog

I woke up hungry for a chili dog.  Not just any chili dog, a Coney Island style chili dog.  You know, the one with the chili that is all meat and very finely chopped.  Almost resembles a sloppy joe if it were not for that spicy kick.  So I went on a quest for the … Read moreConey Island Hot Dog Chili