Chicken, Spinach and Tomato Pasta

Chicken Spinach Tomato Pasta

I like to keep fresh produce lying around, but it spoils so quickly.  So I have determined a few ways to keep fresh produce on hand but have it last as long as possible.  First tip, cherry tomatoes.  They keep for a long time and you can use them for everything from sandwiches to pasta. … Read moreChicken, Spinach and Tomato Pasta

Great Barbecue Weekend

This past weekend I competed with Pork Barrel BBQ at the Safeway National BBQ Championship in the heart of Washington, DC.  We had a blast.  We cooked chicken and brisket on Saturday and Ribs and Pork on Sunday.  We had a great showing.  Read below to see the results. After turn ins on Saturday they … Read moreGreat Barbecue Weekend

Balsamic and Honey Glazed Nectarines

Balsamic and Honey Glazed Nectarines

I love to grill.  It is as simple as that.  I love whole meals that can be made outdoors.  I have discovered that stone fruit works great on the grill.  This is the type of fruit with a hard pit in the center.  Peaches, nectarines, etc.  The other day I came across this article where they grilled nectarines with a balsamic and honey glaze.  This sounded amazing. I must say that if you have never combined honey and balsamic vinegar, you have never lived.  It is delicious.  A must try.

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Summertime Picnic Brownies

Picnic Brownies

I have a vast collection of cookbooks.  Some are new and some I have collected from yard sales and random book sales.  I was looking through one random book on baking when a cutout of random paper fell into my lap.  That cutout was from a July issue of Coastal Living, and described this brownie … Read moreSummertime Picnic Brownies

Pittsburgh – A culinary destination

Pittsburgh Main

I frequently drive from the East Coast to the Midwest to see family.  Normally I drive non-stop for 16 hours to get to my destination.  However, this time around Dana thought we should stop halfway and rest.  I was not too happy, but then I used it as a means to get a Primanti Brother’s … Read morePittsburgh – A culinary destination

Pizza Dough – Let’s make it easy!

Pizza Dough

I make a lot of pizzas on this blog.  Mostly, because it is my favorite meal.  I love pizza.  The number one question sent to me is – “I don’t really want to make pizza dough where can I get some”.  There are many options.  It really depends on how much work you want to … Read morePizza Dough – Let’s make it easy!

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Shredded Chicken Tacos

I have always wanted to make shredded chicken tacos.  I finally decided to make them.  I was a little uncertain on how to make them, but after a little trial and error, I came up with a surefire method.  I boiled the chicken in the spices, shredded the chicken, returned it to the sauce and reduced.  Overall, the chicken was some of the best I have ever eaten.  I am not sure if my method is the proper way to make shredded chicken taco meat, but it was simple and delicious.

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I love guacamole!  It features the amazing avocado better than any other dish.  The major downfall is that avocados can be really expensive.  However, the other day the local super market had them on sale for 3 for $1.  Yep, so for little to no money I can have my favorite chip dip. Guacamole – Adapted … Read moreGuacamole

Bacon Chicken Kabobs

Bacon Chicken Kabobs

I love grilled chicken.  However, if you cook boneless skinless chicken breasts life can become dry and boring.   So I devised a surefire way to cook chicken, keep it moist and give it a smokey bacony flavor.  Yep, skewer the chicken with a couple strips of bacon.  The fat keeps the chicken moist and imparts a nice smokey flavor that everyone will love.

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TCBA – Shot


Dana and I made a trip to Costco a few days ago, and we could not leave without a giant tub of powdered lemonade mix. Knowing that there was no way we could possibly drink enough lemonade this summer to empty the tub, I started mixing cocktails.  Did you know that if you substitute the … Read moreTCBA – Shot