Dana and I made a trip to Costco a few days ago, and we could not leave without a giant tub of powdered lemonade mix. Knowing that there was no way we could possibly drink enough lemonade this summer to empty the tub, I started mixing cocktails.  Did you know that if you substitute the water for straight vodka, it makes a tasty cocktail.  However, with a few modifications, I made some tasty shots.  Some were a bit sweet, but you would have no idea that there was any alcohol in there.  So that is where the name came from.  This Can’t Be Alcohol.

TCBA (This Can’t Be Alcohol) Shot

  • 1 oz rum
  • 1 oz midori
  • 2 tsp lemonade powder

Fill a shaker with ice.  Then add the ingredients and shake until the powder is mixed in.  Strain into two shot glasses and you have a shot that has little to no taste of alcohol.  Quite amazing if I do say so.


This can be easily turned into a tasty cocktail by straining the mixture into a rocks glass filled with ice.  Then topping with seltzer or carbonated water. Stir and serve.  This drink is quite delicious and not too sweet after the addition of the seltzer.  A must try if you like this shot.

This Can't Be Alcohol, the shot

The shot is sweet, but if you are trying to hide the alcohol flavor, I am sure that you do not mind.

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