Basic Pizza Crust #2 on the KettlePizza


The other day, I received the greatest grilling innovation in the mail, The KettlePizza!  The KettlePizza is an attachment for Weber charcoal kettles.  This awesome attachment turns the standard Weber kettle into a fire breathing brick oven.  At temperatures reaching over 700 degrees this amazing innovation makes awesome pizzas.  To test out the KettlePizza, I … Read moreBasic Pizza Crust #2 on the KettlePizza

How to Individually Freeze Bulk Meat

I don’t know about you but I think the price of meat is ridiculous!  So when I see boneless skinless chicken breasts for $2 a pound, I buy a ton.  But what if you don’t need it right away?  Well you need to freeze it.  I know what you are thinking but there is a … Read moreHow to Individually Freeze Bulk Meat

Potato Planks

Potato Planks

I am a huge fan of grilled potatoes. I have previously made potato coins, but some fell through the grates and I wanted to try something a tad bit different. So, I decided to try potato planks. I cut the whole potato lengthwise into 4-5 slices. Then I season and the rest is history. I also received a new toy in the mail. A Cast Iron Grill Grate from Craycort at  The cast iron grate replaces the flimsy grate that comes with the grill.  It is sectioned so that you can remove parts to stoke the coals and it is cast iron, to give you the best possible sear on your steaks.

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Michelob Ultra Light Cider

Michelob Ultra Light Cider

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new hard cider from Michelob Ultra.  What is hard cider you ask?  Well cider is a refreshing alcoholic beverage similar to beer.  It is brewed using the same process as beer, but instead of using barley and hops, the main ingredient is apples.  So you end up … Read moreMichelob Ultra Light Cider

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made one batch of these cookies and immediately had to make another.  Dana and I loved them!  They were delicious.  We are dark chocolate fans so they hit the spot.  If you wish, you can use standard cocoa and semi-sweet chips if you are not a fan of the decadent dark chocolate. Double Chocolate … Read moreDouble Chocolate Chip Cookies