The Best Way to Hard Boil Eggs

Oven Hard Boiled Eggs

Dana and I are getting ready for Easter and we wanted to dye some eggs.  Then we discovered that it was going to take a huge pan to hard boil all of the eggs that we wanted to dye.  So we looked for an alternative.  It just so happens that this alternative is the easiest … Read moreThe Best Way to Hard Boil Eggs

Camembert Asparagus Puffs

Camembert Asparagus Puffs

While I was New York I accompanied Dana’s Father to a nice market.  This market has a small wheel of Camembert cheese on sale for half off.  Yeah, I could not pass up on the offer. So I thought about making a wheel of Camembert wrapped in puff pastry.  Then Dana’s dad said that he had some … Read moreCamembert Asparagus Puffs

Dana’s Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

After spending a week in NY, I have been craving a good marsala dish, which is another popular choice in my good old stomping grounds of Queens.  That’s the one thing I miss the most about NY….the FOOD!  So, I am forced to recreate my favorites when I am craving a certain flavor!  Rex has … Read moreDana’s Chicken Marsala

Bill’s Shrimp Marinara

Shrimp Marinara

The Marinara Sauce from the other day is not Bill’s only specialty. My Father-in-Law also makes a mean Shrimp Marinara. This is a simple dish that utilizes his Sunday gravy. Sauteed shrimp and garlic mixed with awesome marinara sauce makes for a great meal. Bill’s Shrimp Marinara Peel and de-vein the shrimp.   Make sure … Read moreBill’s Shrimp Marinara

Prosecco Mimosas

Prosecco Mimosas

Two years ago, the biggest party in all of New York happened.  Yep, I got married.  To celebrate my second Anniversary, Dana and I pulled out our crystal flutes and made some cocktails.  Is there any other way to celebrate.  Janine and Robb gave us a great bottle of Prosecco and there was no better … Read moreProsecco Mimosas

Bill’s Sunday Gravy (Marinara)

Bill's Sunday Gravy

My Father-In-Law Bill came down to visit a while back and he made some awesome Marinara.  It was so delicious, I had to get the recipe to share.  The Sauce had great color, texture and best of all – taste.  It is a simple recipe that uses the best ingredients.  The best types of recipes … Read moreBill’s Sunday Gravy (Marinara)