Thirsty Thursday – Busted Brown Cocktail

Busted Brown

I’m back with cocktails on a weekly basis.  The new installment is called Thirsty Thursday.  I will feature cocktails, wines and beers that I really enjoy!  To start it off I am going to feature my favorite liquor, Bourbon!  I love bourbon, so I wanted to feature it in my first drink back. Busted Brown … Read moreThirsty Thursday – Busted Brown Cocktail

BBQ Sauce Review: County Grill Memphis BBQ ‘N Rib Sauce

On my trip to Virginia Beach last summer, I picked up some County Grill & Smokehouse Bar-B-Que and Rib Sauce.  County Grill is a great smokehouse and bar in Yorktown, VA.  I would say it’s one of the best barbecue restaurants in Virginia.  If you find yourself near Yorktown, VA you should stop by.  To test this sauce, I tasted it as-is right out of the bottle and also heated it up over some perfectly smoked ribs.  The sauce was tested over a sweet rub and a spicy rub to see how it reacted to various rubs.  Therefore, I believe I was able to test it over most variables that it would encounter in your house.

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Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi – Hacked!

Red lobster shrimp scampi hacked

Growing up, my family loved to hit up Red Lobster.  Red Lobster is famous for cheddar biscuits, shrimp scampi and bringing seafood to the Midwest. Who wouldn’t love it.  My favorite thing on the menu was the shrimp scampi.  Not a traditional scampi, but a scampi inspired dish that was pure shrimp and no noodles.  The other day my Father asked me if I could recreate it. I accepted the challenge and here it is.

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Clarified Butter

Clarified Butter

I have a lot of recipes that require clarified butter, but I have never posted how to make clarified butter.  Clarified butter is basically butter fat without the milk solids in it.  So it has a higher smoke temperature and a longer shelf life.  It is great for sautéing and other applications that require higher temps. … Read moreClarified Butter

Shepard’s Pie

With the Polar Vortex bearing down on us last week, I was craving some comfort food.  Nothing says comfort like, Shepard’s Pie.  A hearty meat stew topped with potatoes.  Delicious! This recipe was so delicious that I found myself going for thirds.  Yep, take that seconds.  Hopefully you will enjoy as much as we did. … Read moreShepard’s Pie