Goulash – The remainder meal!


Sometimes we have a remainder meal. What is that you ask? Well it is a meal using the remaining ingredients of all of the other cooks. Throw the ingredients in a pot and serve. Goulash is my perfect remainder meal. For this meal we had a bunch of remainders lying around. We had 1/4 box … Read moreGoulash – The remainder meal!

Thirsty Thursday – The Grapesicle


Looking for a great cocktail for Valentines Day!  Well the grapesicle is it.  Looks like wine but tastes like Kool-aid.  This cocktail adds a sweet little flair to your night. The Grapesicle Fill a rocks glass with ice. Mix together the vodka, simple syrup and grape juice. Top with ginger ale and lightly stir. This … Read moreThirsty Thursday – The Grapesicle

Spicy Barbecue Buffalo Wings

Spicy Barbecue Wings

I love chicken wings! I love them so much that I purchase wings in bulk.  You can never have too many wings.  In my opinion the best way to cook a wing is over an open flame on the grill.  That way you get crispy skin and that smokey caramelized flavor that you can not get with any other form of cooking.  I always get asked how to make a spicy barbecued wing.  Well this is the simplest way to do it.  This recipe is a simple way to make any of your favorite barbecue sauces shine as a wing sauce.

Read moreSpicy Barbecue Buffalo Wings

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Thirsty Thursday – Orange Fanta-sy

Orange Fanta-sy

We have been on a huge orange soda kick over here at the RexBBQ/Savoryreviews.com headquarters.  So we decided to make a cocktail with our favorite Orange Soda “Fanta”. This cocktail mixes a nice spiced rum with the sweet flavors of orange.  This is a great cocktail for the summer!  Hopefully by drinking this, the summer … Read moreThirsty Thursday – Orange Fanta-sy

Big Game Buffalo Wings

Peach Hot wings

Nothing says football like buffalo wings.  I have compiled a list of the best buffalo wing recipes on Savoryreviews.com.  Each of the wing recipes below use a different sauce and each uses a different method for cooking.  Feel free to browse and then mix and match the sauces with the various methods of cooking.  My … Read moreBig Game Buffalo Wings