How to turn a gas grill into a smoker!

How to Turn a Gas Grill into a Smoker

Gas grills have a lot of fans.  I have one and really love it.  They are quick to heat up, provide a nice searing surface and are easy to maintain.  What they lack in aroma and flavor they more than make up for in convenience.  However, what if you could add flavor and aroma to … Read moreHow to turn a gas grill into a smoker!

How to turn your Weber charcoal grill into a smoker

Weber Grill

I love my Weber charcoal grill.  It is quite possibly one of the best outdoor cooking devices out there.  Although it is labeled a grill, it can grill, bake and smoke with little to no effort.  It is the Swiss army knife of grills.  The bonus is that you can pick up this amazing grill for … Read moreHow to turn your Weber charcoal grill into a smoker

Brat Sauce AKA Stadium Sauce

Brat Sauce AKA Stadium Sauce

When I was in college we would always go and watch Brewer’s Games.  The best part of the game besides the baseball, and beer, was a Brat covered in a tangy brat sauce called Stadium Sauce.  Stadium Sauce is a hybrid sauce that balances well with the juicy brat.  I have been working on the exact proportions of ingredients for a while.  I have finally figured out a recipe that mimics the real sauce and in my opinion may have even beat it.  So when you are grilling out brats for memorial day you need to try this recipe out.

Read moreBrat Sauce AKA Stadium Sauce

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Bill’s Sangria – Thirsty Thursday!

Best Sangria Recipe around!

My Father-In-Law Bill is a wine fanatic. When I told him that I needed a new drink for the blog he went right for Sangria. It is a light and refreshing wine based drink that is perfect for this summer weather that we are all having. Bill’s Sangria has a few twists which add to … Read moreBill’s Sangria – Thirsty Thursday!