Braided Lemon Pepper Chicken Skewers

Lemon Pepper Chicken

I love chicken!  It is the perfect blank canvas for any flavor.  One of my favorite flavors to impart on chicken is lemon pepper. A little tart with a little bite.  The perfect combination.  Lately, I have come up with a new way to skewer chicken that gives you an added oomph of flavor.  It works with any sauce and works especially well with marinades.  The chicken is thinly sliced and then braided onto a skewer.  That way you have little nooks and crevices that allow the sauce and marinade to pool.  Then when you eat the chicken you get flavor bursts that enhance the experience.

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Rex will be on the American Grilled TV Show

Time to set your DVR.  I will be on American Grilled, Wednesday July 16th at 9 PM est on the Travel Channel. American Grilled on the Travel Channel In “American Grilled,” hardcore grilling enthusiasts from across the country go head-to-head for a chance to compete for a $10,000 cash prize and bragging rights when they are … Read moreRex will be on the American Grilled TV Show

Dark Brown Sugar Banana Bread

Dark Brown Sugar Banana Bread

My family loves bananas.  The unfortunate thing with bananas, is that no matter how fast we eat them, we always end up with a couple overripe ones.  Luckily, we love banana bread.  So much so, that we make it about once a week.  We have a go to recipe, but it did not have the … Read moreDark Brown Sugar Banana Bread

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Fathers out there.  Especially my Father Don and my Father-in-Law Bill.  You guys are the best! Thanks for everything, especially helping out with Rex Barbecue. I thought the best post for today would be my favorite grilling recipes.  Nothing says Father’s Day like grilling with a beer in … Read moreHappy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Weber Grill

I get a lot of questions regarding the best grilling tools and gift suggestions.  Coming up this weekend is Father’s Day!  Nothing says Dad like the grill.  So I have compiled a list of my favorite bbq tools and accessories. Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014 Edition 10. Oxo Good Grips 16-Inch Locking Tongs – $12.95 … Read moreFather’s Day Gift Guide

Chocolate Covered Cherry Spiked Milkshake – Thirsty Thursday

Chocolate Covered Cherry Spiked Milkshake

I love ice cream, I love chocolate and I love bourbon.  Yep, ice cream and bourbon.  It is getting hot outside and the best way to beat the heat is a spiked milkshake.  Milkshakes with liquor are awesome! I have created a new spiked milkshake that mimics the flavors of a cherry cordial.  It is … Read moreChocolate Covered Cherry Spiked Milkshake – Thirsty Thursday

Garlic and Ginger Beef Stir-fry

Garlic and Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

My wife and son love steak, especially filet mignon.  So I have been buying whole beef tenderloins, when they are on sale, and cutting them up into steaks.  Saves me a ton of money, they end up being about $6 each.  Not to shabby for 1.5 inch thick steaks. When doing this I end up … Read moreGarlic and Ginger Beef Stir-fry