Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Thanksgiving Turkey

Like so many American’s my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Therefore, I have a ton of leftovers after Thanksgiving. Ok, this might have been done on purpose ?.  Who doesn’t love an open faced hot turkey sandwich.  But there are so many other things that you can do with the leftovers.  Here are my favorite ideas.

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Apple Cider Mimosa – Thanksgiving Cocktail

Apple Cider Mimosa

The Apple Cider Mimosa is our new Thanksgiving cocktail!  This year’s cocktail will satisfy most of your guests and allow you to get through this stressful time.  The Apple Cider mimosa is not only delicious, it also uses fresh apple cider.  I love a good seasonal cocktail.  I hope you do too!

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Turkey Tuesday Roundup 2016

Turkey Sugar Cookie

Well it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I want to give my annual quick tips. I know that cooking in general can be stressful enough, without the added pressure of having a houseful of guests.  So I want to help you all out with a few tips, tricks and time saving ideas. Below I have listed a few tips and shortcuts that can help ease your stress and make your thanksgiving a tad bit more joyous.  I have created a sample menu and timing that you can use to make Thanksgiving as easy as possible.  Also, there are plenty of tips from what turkey to choose all the way to how to cook a frozen turkey.  Yes you can cook a frozen turkey and it will turn out delicious.  Its all in there.  If you have any other questions, click the Ask Rex link in the menu above.  I will be around answering emails all week.

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Thanksgiving tools and equipment!

Turkey 2014

During the holiday season I get a ton of emails.  Lately I have gotten a few emails regarding suggestions for the best equipment and tools for Thanksgiving.  Since it was such a popular topic, I decided to write up a post including all of the information for everyone to see.  I hope you guys find it helpful.

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Fresh Sweet Potato Casserole

Time to eat

I love sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving!  This fresh sweet potato casserole is a new and improved take on my previous sweet potato casserole, that was based on the one from Ruth’s Chris.  This new and improved recipe, while inspired by my previous one, throws everything out the window and starts from scratch.  It is the perfect balance of sweet and savory.  It quite possibly is one of the best side dishes that I have ever made.  You definitely need to add this Sweet Potato Casserole to your Thanksgiving table!

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Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken and Thermoworks Smoke Review

Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken

Our good friends over at Thermoworks have released a new wireless thermometer called “Smoke“.  The Smoke is a wireless thermometer that includes two probes.  That way, you can wirelessly monitor both the pit and the food.  As a barbecuer, this is important.  The proper temperature is the difference between delicious bbq and charcoal.  Plus, since this is all done wirelessly, you can do it while watching your favorite game or snoozing on the couch. We tested this thermometer while making a nice Honey Garlic Smoked Chicken.  The chicken provided approximately 2 hours for us to test the thermometer and check its limits.  The thermometer performed flawlessly and actually exceeded expectations.  Check out our review below.

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