We are only a few days away from Christmas and that can only mean one thing.  Christmas Cookies!!!  I love all types of cookies but for some reason, all cookies taste better at Christmas!  This list includes everything from Cut out cookies to fudge crinkles.  Lots of sugar, lots of chocolate and a ton of Christmas Fun!  Check out our best Christmas Cookies for 2016!

Our Best Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

A classic Christmas cookie that is a must have every year in our house.  This cookie is super easy to make and fun for everyone to decorate.

Cutout Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are perfection.  They are not too sweet, thus allowing you to coat them in super sweet royal icing. Plus, they hold up great without overly rising.  Therefore, your cutouts look exactly as they should.

Royal Icing

Royal Icing

No cookie is complete without icing! This recipe is simple and delicious! Plus, it hardens to a nice finish so that your cookies don’t end up all smashed and smeared.

Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies

Light fluffy with a little crisp on the edges. The perfect cookie.

I have been on a quest for the best chocolate chip cookies for a while.  After a while I have figured out the ingredients needed to make a really good cookie.  You need to use both butter and shortening.  If you use all butter your cookies come out flat and crunchy.  If you use all shortening your cookies come out fluffy but don’t spread out.  A perfect balance of the two gives you a light and fluffy cookie that is not too thick and not too thin.

M&M Cookies

M & M Cookies

A favorite in our house.  These cookies are crispy and chewy with just the perfect amount of sweetness! A perfect Christmas cookie when paired with red and green m&ms.

Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles

I love snickerdoodles and could not even think of a way to improve on them.  However, Dana found a way.  She used browned butter instead of regular butter.  The brown butter gave the already amazing cookies, a great rich flavor.  These are one of my new favorite cookies.

Thumbprint Butter Cookies

Thumbprint Cookie - closeup

Awesome Sugar cookies that contain a thumbprint of your favorite jam.  I used some homemade strawberry jam, but you can use anything that you have on hand.  You could use multiple different types of jams and create a colorful collection of cookies.

Soft Molasses Cookies

Soft Molasses Cookies

These are soft and chewy with just a hint of spice.  The perfect treat on a cold winter night.  My family loves these cookies.

Simple Crunchy Sugar Cookies

The Smiley Face Cookie

This is light and fluffy cookie with great flavor, a perfect sugar cookie.   It bakes to a crunchy and delicious cookie perfect for glazing!

Fudge Crinkles

Fudge Crinkle Cookie

Fudge Crinkles are like little clouds of chocolate awesomeness!  One of my favorite cookies that my wife has made for me.  You have to try these this Christmas!

No-Bake Cookies

No-Bake Cookies

no-bake cookies require no baking.  One pan, a little parchment paper and 40 minutes.    Talk about quick treat.  I couldn’t wait to try mine so I had one right after I dropped them on the parchment.  I would recommend against that.  It was like eating napalm.  150+ deg

Soft Sugar Cookies

Light and Fluffy Sugar Cookies

My take on the famous Lofthouse cookies.  These cookies are delicious and addicting.  Pair these will some Christmas colors and you have some amazing Christmas Cookies!

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