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Bacon Bacon Onion Jam

Bacon Onion Jam


Last year I appeared on the TV show American Grilled.  On that show I competed…

Bacon Bacon Crust Pizza

Bacon Crust Pizza


Ever since my BreakFast Fatty post, I have been getting bombarded with emails requesting more…

Bacon bfmain4

Breakfast Fatty


In the bbq world everyone talks about fatty’s.  The Gist of it is a smoked…

Bacon Bacon Chicken Kabobs

Bacon Chicken Kabobs


I love grilled chicken.  However, if you cook boneless skinless chicken breasts life can become…

Bacon BLT Salad

BLT Salad


Who doesn’t love a nice Bacon, Lettuce and grilled tomato sandwich.  So I figured who…

Bacon mainpic

Bacon Waffles


Last year I made Bacon Pancakes and they were some of the best things that…

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