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Pulled Chicken

Easy Pulled Chicken

I love barbecue!  That meaty/smokey flavor that can only be accomplished after hours of smoking meat over ...
Competition BBQ Brisket

Competition Beef Brisket

For the past couple of years I have been competing in Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions up and down ...
Beef Brisket Injection

Beef Brisket Injection

A ton of people believe that all natural is the way to go to get perfect barbecue.  I used to be in that ...
Basic BBQ Sauce

Base BBQ Sauce

This is my go to bbq sauce base.  It is perfectly balanced and is the base sauce for all of my sauces. ...
Basic BBQ Rub

Basic BBQ Rub

Ever since I started barbecuing in contests people have been asking me for tips on the subject.  So I ...

Breakfast Fatty

In the bbq world everyone talks about fatty’s.  The Gist of it is a smoked log of sausage.  I did a ...
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