Beef Brisket Injection

Beef Brisket Injection

A ton of people believe that all natural is the way to go to get perfect barbecue.  I used to be in that category until I started competing.  Then I discovered how much injections enhance the flavor, texture and overall quality of the barbecue.  This is my go-to brisket injection.  It is simple and delicious. … Read moreBeef Brisket Injection

Base BBQ Sauce

Basic BBQ Sauce

This is my go to bbq sauce base.  It is perfectly balanced and is the base sauce for all of my sauces.  Like a sweet and tangy sauce, add honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the sauce.  Like it vinegary then add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar.  Like it spicy add a pinch of cayenne, 2 tablespoons hot sauce and 1 tablespoon of chili powder.  If you just love a nice and well balanced sauce, eat as is.  This is why this sauce is the best sauce around.

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Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – Medford, NY

Sam's Club BBQ Tour Reserve Grand Champion

I must say that I felt really good going into this contest on Long Island.  I reviewed all of my previous contests, tweaked all of my recipes and went in with high hopes.  We had a great cook.  Although it rained all night and we almost ran out of wood, we made it.  Bill and … Read moreSam’s Club National BBQ Tour – Medford, NY

Tips for a Perfect Memorial Day Cookout!

There are a few tips and tricks to making any BBQ the perfect BBQ. Fuel Make sure to have enough fuel.  There is nothing worse than running out of propane or charcoal in the middle of a cookout!  Everyone will remember.  Don’t screw it up! Charcoal With charcoal it is easy to determine how much … Read moreTips for a Perfect Memorial Day Cookout!

Good News – Plus BarBAYq results!!!

First the good news.  My house has been put together, after a little leak turned into a massive leak.  The contractor has given me back my kitchen and most importantly my refrigerator.  It is hard to live without a refrigerator.  One does not realize the extent that one needs a refrigerator, until you live without … Read moreGood News – Plus BarBAYq results!!!

Hot Sauce Weekly Radio Interview!

Over the past month I had some ups and downs.  I had a pipe leak in my house and my first floor had to be gutted.  Hence, no new recipes lately.  However, I also competed in my first barbecue competition.  39th out of 113.  Not too shabby.  During that contest I was interviewed by  … Read moreHot Sauce Weekly Radio Interview!

Pork in the Park – First Competition

Pork in the Park

This was the first contest that Rex’s Red Hot BBQ has ever competed in.  It was a great time. Sandy and the crew over at Pork in the Park throw a great contest.  This was no little contest either.  There were 113 different teams competing.  I could have chosen an easier contest for the first one, but … Read morePork in the Park – First Competition

Breakfast Fatty

In the bbq world everyone talks about fatty’s.  The Gist of it is a smoked log of sausage.  I did a quick take on it by stuffing the log of sausage with my favorite breakfast items.  It is hash browns, cheese and hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and bacon.

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Get Sauced! – Homemade Mustard

Memorial Day is the ultimate grilling day!  Nothing goes with hot dogs like Mustard.  The other day I tackled homemade Ketchup, and today I am tackling the other half.  Homemade Mustard. Once again making your condiments homemade allows you to determine what goes into your sauces.   No high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or fillers. … Read moreGet Sauced! – Homemade Mustard

Get Sauced! – Homemade Ketchup

Memorial Day is the ultimate grilling day!  Nothing goes with burgers and hot dogs like Ketchup.  So I decided to tackle homemade ketchup. This ketchup is made with tomatoes, brown sugar, vinegar and spices.  No high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or fillers. Homemade ketchup is not only good for you, it is also customizable to … Read moreGet Sauced! – Homemade Ketchup

How to Smoke a Turkey

Smoked Turkey

Ever since I got my first smoker, I have been smoking everything but turkey.  I never had the guts to try to smoke a Turkey for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is one of those meals that you cannot screw up.  However, after this year of competitions and gaining more experience with my smoker, I wanted to try it.  I must say, smoking a turkey is simple and fun.  Plus, it tastes amazing.  I have no idea why I have not done this sooner.  Smoking a turkey opens up space in your oven for side dishes and also makes it so that your oven does not have to be on all day.  With a few simple steps, your turkey will come out perfect every time.

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