TCBA – Shot


Dana and I made a trip to Costco a few days ago, and we could not leave without a giant tub of powdered lemonade mix. Knowing that there was no way we could possibly drink enough lemonade this summer to empty the tub, I started mixing cocktails.  Did you know that if you substitute the … Read moreTCBA – Shot

Bourbon Breeze

Bourbon Breeze

I love bourbon!  It is one of my favorite liquors in the whole world.  I am always messing around with it and I finally made a nice light and refreshing cocktail with it.  I know there are others, but I wanted to create a cocktail for the summer.  One that could handle the hot summer temperatures … Read moreBourbon Breeze

Knock Out Punch

Knock Out Punch

I was looking through my pantry to determine what I had available for a cocktail.  After a few tries I came up with the most delicious cocktail to date.  I called it the Knock Out Punch.  Reasoning: It was a tasty punch, contained a nice helping of alcohol and you could not taste it at … Read moreKnock Out Punch

Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I decided to make a festive cocktail.  Tequila Sunrise.  It may not be the most festive drink around, but it is extremely delicious.  Plus, it utilizes the main liquor of Mexico, Tequila.  Either way, Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo Tomorrow! Tequila Sunrise 2 oz tequila 5 oz orange … Read moreTequila Sunrise

New York Zip Cocktail

New York Zip

The other day I was rummaging through my kitchen looking for a nice cocktail to make.  I found some bourbon, apple juice and ginger ale.  I don’t know about you but it sounded like a good time to me.  I combined the ingredients and made a cocktail.  It had a nice little zip from the … Read moreNew York Zip Cocktail

Hot Spiked Mocha

Hot Spiked Mocha Cocktail

Last month I got married and one of our gifts was a nespresso espresso maker. Quite honestly, one of the best money saving items in the house. I can make hot and fresh mochas, lattes and espresso shots for the fraction of the cost. Plus, it actually makes them right so they taste good. After … Read moreHot Spiked Mocha

The LunchBox

The Lunch Box Drop Shot

Back in college I worked at a bar and on a typical Saturday night I would serve hundreds of shots.  One of the goto shots was the lunch box.  It is a great shot.  It has a mixture of amaretto, beer and orange juice.  It is smooth and not too sweet, but just sweet enough … Read moreThe LunchBox

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

It is spring and I am stuck in a tropical drink grind.  Every new cocktail that I think up is tropical in style.  I guess I am hoping that one of these drinks takes me back to an island.  Either way, today’s drink is awesome.  It is heavy on pineapple and coconut like a pina … Read moreBlue Hawaiian

Elk Creek Water

Elk Creek Water

It is that time of the year.  Yep, College Football.  I was chatting with my friend Sean last week about football and he is the biggest Nebraska Cornhuskers fan around.  He said that the unofficial drink for Cornhuskers football is the Elk Creek Water. While I am not the biggest Nebraska fan, I was intrigued by the … Read moreElk Creek Water

Mark’s Bloody Mary Mix

Mark's Bloody Mary Mix

This last weekend my buddy Mark came out to visit Dana and I.  Mark was my roommate and co-worker while I was in college.  We bartended together at a college bar for 5 years.  It was a blast.  Mark still bartends and makes a mean bloody mary.  His secret is a spice concentrate that together … Read moreMark’s Bloody Mary Mix

The Bocce Ball

Sorry that cocktail day is one day late.  It was Dana’s Birthday yesterday and we had to celebrate in style.  However, today I am making a traditional cocktail.  It is on the same lines with a screwdriver, but with a little twist.  A little OJ, a little vodka, some amaretto and a touch of seltzer.  … Read moreThe Bocce Ball