Sweet Heat Dipping Sauce

Mix and serve

Who doesn’t love the combination of sweet and heat.  This dipping sauce is simple and amazing!  It utilizes a spicy sweet chili sauce mixed with a nice preserve.  To be honest, you can switch up the preserve, but we have found that apricot preserves work the best.  This simple and delicious sauce is great on … Read moreSweet Heat Dipping Sauce

Tuna Pot Pies

I am always trying to expand my repertoire of recipes.  The one thing that I do not cook a lot of is fish.  Fresh fish is not the first thing you think of when you think of the Nations Capital. So I decided to slowly expand my repertoire with some canned tuna.  I know it is not that big of a step, but it is a step to say the least.  My pot pies use a standard pie dough and a large muffin pan to make individual pot pies.  The recipe makes 3 individual pot pies and can be easily doubled to make six.

Tuna Pot Pie

The large muffin pan made perfectly sized pot pies.

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Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos

After reading the cookbook Weber’s Way to Grill, I wanted to grill some fish.  I had no clue on what to grill.  So I went to the store and looked through the selection.  The only thing that looked good at the fish counter was Mahi-Mahi.  So I picked up a couple of filets.  When I got back I looked through the cookbook and found a great recipe for fish tacos.  The original recipe called for haddock but mahi-mahi is a nice fish that is dense enough to grill so I figured this would work good.

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Grilling Tuna to Perfection

Grilling fish can be extremely hard.  Many questions come to mind.  Do I need a basket?  Do I need to oil the grill or the fish?  How do I season the fish?  Do I cook it on high, medium or indirect heat?  How long do I cook it for?  I had all of these questions.  I know, the guy with the blog had no idea, why should I continue reading you ask?  Well it is because I have done all of the work and after today’s post, hopefully you will have the answers.

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