Recreating the bread bowl pasta

If you have been watching TV lately, Dominos has been advertising their new Bread Bowl Pasta.  It is Carbs on Carbs, so basically it is amazing.  So I wanted to make my own version to see how great pasta in a bread bowl could actually be.  Spoiler Alert – It was amazing.  The bread bowl soaked up the sauce and the cheesy topping was amazing.  I am not sure if I can ever eat pasta again in a regular bowl.

The best creation that I have made in the past year.  Thanks Dominos.
The best creation that I have made in the past year. Thanks Dominos.

Dominos offers 5 different bread bowl pastas.  I tried to recreate the Italian sausage with marinara bread bowl.

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Sourdough Pizza

Last week on friday I made a sour dough starter. After stirring it today I noticed it was ready to go. The first thing that came to mind was sour dough pizza. When I was in college there was a pizzaria by my house with the best sour dough pizza. After years of trying I think that I may have finally figured it out.

Perfect crust and great sour dough flavor
Perfect crust and great sourdough flavor

Once you have your starter  this crust takes only and hour or so to make.  Rather fast for a pizza crust.  The recipe makes two crusts so if you don’t need the other one you can refrigerate it for 2-3 days or it freezes very well.

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10 Minute Pizza Crust

5 Minute Pizza

Ahh the elusive 10 minute pizza.  I love homemade pizza but it just takes too long to make for the average individual.  Dough usually needs to be rested, proofed, and formed usually taking up to and over 2 hours.  Below I tried a recipe based on a recipe from for a 5 minute pizza dough that you just mix and put in the pan.

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