2nd Annual Middletown, DE Barbeque Cook-Off!

Reserve Grand Champion

Yesterday I cooked with Pork Barrel BBQ in the Second annual Middletown Delaware Barbecue Cook-Off.  We ended up winning Reserve Grand Champion.  It came with some nice trophies.  Besides winning the large trophy we also came away with a second in Pork Shoulder, fifth place in Brisket, ninth in Chicken and twentieth in Ribs.  Heath, Brett and I had a … Read more2nd Annual Middletown, DE Barbeque Cook-Off!

Rex’s Steak Rub

When you have a good steak, all you really need is salt and pepper. However, we can’t always have amazing steak lying around. So sometimes you need to season your steak to improve on its natural flavor. So I have been fiddling around with different seasonings and have found a great combinations of spices. The … Read moreRex’s Steak Rub

Safeway National BBQ Championship – Recap

Safeway BBQ Battle

It has been a long and hard weekend here in DC.  The temperatures were hovering around 100 all weekend.  Special thanks to Mango Mike for bringing the Air Conditioned Bus.  It would have been horrible without it.  We competed in all four KCBS categories on Saturday and two of the three Memphis in May Categories … Read moreSafeway National BBQ Championship – Recap

New Rib Rub

Ribs Ribs and More Ribs

So I have been trying to perfect ribs for a while.  I am always on the lookout for new techniques or tools to make the perfect competition rib.  Well I went back to basics and scored with an amazing rib.  The key was a nice rub and a finely tuned barbecue smoker.  The final ribs were perfectly cooked with a nice flavor.  FYI – Fall off the bone ribs are not perfectly cooked ribs.  You want a rib that has a good bite but gives away from the bone cleanly.  When you bite into the rib, you should be left with a half moon bite mark.  You don’t want all of the meat to fall off.  If the meat falls off, the rib is overcooked.

Ribs Ribs and More Ribs

I served these up Memorial Day Weekend to Dana and her friend Kristy.  Needless to say, they did not last long.

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Memphis in May

At the awards Ceremony

Sorry about my lack of posts over the weekend. I thought I had enough prepared for my trip to Memphis.  Unfortunately, I fell short.  However, I have great news about my first trip to Memphis.  I traveled to Memphis with the guys for Pork Barrel BBQ to compete in the annual Memphis in May Contest.  For the Pork Barrel Team it was our second BBQ contest for the year.  We did awesome this past weekend.  The Pork Barrel Team took fourth place in the Beef contest with an awesome Brisket, 7th in Mustard Sauce, 12th in exotic with an Iberico fat wrapped venison loin and 14th in the Seafood with a grill gumbo.

The Pork Barrel BBQ Team

It was a muddy weekend but we put together a nice camp site to wow the judges.

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Pork in the Park – My first Competition

Pork Barrel BBQ

Well this past weekend I accompanied the Pork Barrel BBQ team to Pork in the Park for my first ever BBQ competition. It was a ton of fun and quite intense.  The first day was quite relaxing then you realize that the next day you have to turn in all of your meat within a two hour window.  Doesn’t seem like much, but you have to present the meat in a fully garnished box.  It was a ton of work.  Overall we did not do as good as we liked, but we learned a lot.  Like one, bring zero gravity chairs as they are easy to sleep in.  Two, BBQ is very subjective and what one person likes, another person may not. Three, earplugs are a plus.

Pork in the Park

Here are a few pictures from the event.  As you can see, it is smoke and tents for as far as the eye can see.  It was pretty intense.   BBQ competitions are not about having the best equipment, they are about having the best final product.  Thus, you see the whole spectrum.  There were people with full trailer pits with bars, TVs and even Margaritaville Blenders.  There were also people with a quick pop-up tent and a single little smoker made from an old oil drum.

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