Modifying your Smoker

Old Bessie

It has finally reached 60 degrees out here in DC and yes, it is time to BBQ. This winter I have made a few modification to Old Bessie (Yes I named my BBQ). I was searching all over the internet for good mods to make to the Char Griller Smokin Pro and I have found a great website Over on the forums there you can find a great PDF document by Phil Lee that has great mods for the Smokin Pro.

After scrolling through the mods I found a few that were easy to do and did not require too many tools.

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Chicken Stir Fry

Spring is here and it is time to do a little spring cleaning. So, today I decided to clear out my pantry. What is the best way to clear out a pantry you ask? Why it is a stir-fry. You can throw in whatever veggies, meat or random ingredients that you have.  This is slight variation on my Mom’s classic Stir Fry.  Thanks Mom!

Chicken Stir Fry

Above is Chicken Stir Fry with green beans and water chestnuts.

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10 Minute Pizza Crust

5 Minute Pizza

Ahh the elusive 10 minute pizza.  I love homemade pizza but it just takes too long to make for the average individual.  Dough usually needs to be rested, proofed, and formed usually taking up to and over 2 hours.  Below I tried a recipe based on a recipe from for a 5 minute pizza dough that you just mix and put in the pan.

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405 8th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 393-0812

I said it in the Cafe Atlantico post, I would return.  I did and it was a whole lot better than the first time.

Ahh minibar. When visiting cafe atlantico on the second floor sits a small counter with just six stools. Many without knowing think it is just a small bar sitting area for the one tops, but no, the lucky few that get to sit at those six seats each night are the luckiest people in the restaurant.

With just six seats and two servings each night it is hard to get just one of those hallowed seats. But how do you get a seat at minibar? My only answer is to call, call a lot. Reservations for minibar open up every day when the restaurant opens. But remember when you call you are calling for a reservation exactly one month from the day that you call. So if I call today March 30th, it would be for a reservation on April 30th. Sounds easy right? Nope. One more caviat. They start taking reservations at 10 am and  are regularly booked by 10:01 am.

So what are a few tips for snagging a reservation.

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Ray’s Butcher Burger

1713 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 841-0001 Butcher Burger, or Hellburger as it’s known locally, makes some damn good burgers.  Which is not totally unexpected, since it is owned by the same man who runs Rays the Steaks, located just a few storefronts away.  Whether it is worth the money and the time, that’s … Read moreRay’s Butcher Burger

Flying Fish – The Recap

815 King St Alexandria, VA 22314 The yellow and purple Chi-chi-esque decor, out of place with the younger, hipster patrons who frequent this otherwise stylishly furnished sushi bar/restaurant, is only a foreshadowing of the gastronomical delights in store for those who eat here. Our server was a bubbly, personality-laden red-head who swore, wrongly, that … Read moreFlying Fish – The Recap

Cafe Atlantico

405 8th Street NW Washington, DC 20004 The expectations for this restaurant were very high.  With Jose Andres and Katsuya Fukushima one could expect nothing but perfection.  After eating at Cafe Atlantico I have come to the harsh reality that my expectations were completely wrong.  Everything started great.  We sat at the bar and … Read moreCafe Atlantico