Mushroom Crostini

We have been looking for a quick and simple party appetizer. So Dana and I, immediately thought of bruschetta and/or crostini. What is the difference? Well it all has to do with the bread. Bruschetta comes from the Italian word Bruscare which means to “roast over coals”. Basically it is toasted slices of wide Italian bread. Not what we think of in America, but lets go with it. Crostini is the toasting of smaller bread slices, typically a baguette. This is what we think of as Bruschetta in America. Oops, I have been wrong all of my life. Well that stops here. Check out this Mushroom Crostini.

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Marinated and Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

I love tomatoes!  I am the weird guy at parties that eats the cherry tomatoes in the vegetable tray.  It seems as if I am the only person that eats them.  So I decided to grill some up as a side dish.  They were delicious!  They were a tad bit tart from the balsamic vinegar making them a great side dish to accompany any grilled meat.

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