Wicked Good Barbecue – Book Review

Wicked Good Barbecue – Book Review

Wicked Good Barbecue

For Father’s Day I received a copy of Chris Hart and Andy Husbands barbecue book, “Wicked Good Barbecue” from my son Liam.  This book has been on my wish list for a while and I was quite pleased that as a 6 month old he remembered. Smart Kid!  I have been reading it for a while now and realized that it is so good that I need to do a review of it on my blog.

A little background.  Chris Hart and Andy Husbands are professional barbecuers who won the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition with their team IQUE.  I have competed against Chris Hart a couple of times and he knows what is up.  Most recently I competed against Chris Hart at the Sam’s Club Qualifier out on Long Island, NY.  I had him over to my bbq camp and he was gracious enough to sign my book.  I picked his brain a bit and I must say that these guys know what is up.  These guys have the credential and their book did hold up to the hype.

Usually when you get a barbecue book you get a watered down boring book that has a rub recipe.  This book puts all prior barbecue books to shame. Not only did they include the recipe for their rub and sauce, they included their method of cooking competition chicken.  All 25 steps.  As a competitor I was amazed that they actually gave all of the steps.  You could follow the recipe and place in the top ten at any contest with the recipe in the book.  This is amazing!

The one recipe that totally threw me was the Seven-Layer Dip of Disbelief.  We are talking about a dip with the following layers.

  1. Old Bay Shredded Beef Short Ribs
  2. Crab Remoulade
  3. Beef Tartare
  4. Smoked Salmon Spread
  5. Creamed Spinach
  6. Celery Root Puree
  7. Blue Cheese Crumble
  8. Then they threw in another layer of bread crumbs for good measure.
That is the most insane dip ever.  When I ran into Chris I had to ask if he actually made the dip.  It seemed to crazy for anyone to try.  He said that he did indeed try it and that it is great, and each component is great on its own.  With one recipe he got in 8 total recipes.  Genius!
Overall this is a great book.  It covers all of the basic KCBS categories.  The rib recipe is the recipe he used to win the Jack.  Can’t beat that.  I totally recommend this book.  You can pick it up at your favorite bookseller or online at Amazon.


Book Review: Weber’s Charcoal Grilling

Book Review: Weber’s Charcoal Grilling

Jamie Purviance has done it again. Weber’s Charcoal Grilling is the perfect book for the summer.  This book has all of the basics for the beginner and over a hundred recipes that even an expert would love.  This is the best book I have come across for the charcoal lover.

When Weber puts their name on something it has to be quality. From the Grills to the Grill tools to the Cookbooks. When they say step-by-step they really mean step-by-step. They include photos on how to prepare the grill, prepare the meat and vegetables and proper ways to cook the meat and vegetables. I love this book as each recipe is written in a similar way to my blog posts. Straight forward, step-by-step photos with a little character thrown in for a little extra pizazz.

As soon as I opened this book I started planning meals.  The first recipe that I tried was the BLT salad.  With charred bread croutons and fire roasted tomatoes, this was a salad for men and women alike.  Heck, the main ingredient is bacon.  Who could not love this salad.  After making it, I declare, All salads made by me must have fire roasted tomatoes on them.  It was one of the most delicious salads I have ever eaten.

Overall this is my new favorite cookbook ever.  Just like Weber’s/Purviance’s other book, It takes the mystery out of grilling.  It is a single resource that includes everything a griller would need to know.  If you know a person that just picked up a grill or a long time griller that could use a few new tricks to spice up the summer barbecue, you should get them this book.  I consider myself a pretty experienced griller and this book has taught me a few new tricks.

On a side note – If you are Jamie Purviance and you ever find yourself in Richmond, VA email me.  I would love to share some recipes and grill.

Weber’s Charcoal Grilling is available wherever books are sold and is available on Amazon here.

Book Review: Tips Cooks Love

Tips cooks love
Tips cooks love
The other day I received this book in the mail.  The concept of the book was intriguing.  Written by the culinary minds at Sur La Table with Rick Rodgers, Tips Cooks Love is a quick manual for home cooks.  It contains over 500 tips, techniques and short cuts that will make you a better cook.

This book is filled with tips and tricks to ease your time in the kitchen. Have you ever wondered how to bake even cake layers, how to perfectly roast a turkey, or the difference between the grades of meat. This book answers those questions and more. This book is organized alphabetically for quick reference. You are cooking eggs, turn to E and there is everything that you need to know. Fried, poached, hard boiled and even the difference between white and brown eggs.

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Book Review: Weber’s Way To Grill

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook and/or food related books to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing Weber’s Way to Grill – The step-by-step guide to expert grilling by Jamie Purviance.

I just purchased a quality Weber Grill and I figured if the grills were so nice, a cookbook with their name on it had to be of equal quality. I was not disappointed. This is probably the best step-by-step cookbook that I have ever read.

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Book Review: The Art and Soul of Baking

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing The Art & Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet. I love baking. I guess it is the engineer in me that loves the precise measurements and the ability to use cool cooking tools. Honestly, the fact that the recipes are so precise and need to be that precise is comforting to me. When it comes to precise measurements and exactness, this book does not disappoint. It includes conversion tables and measurements of ingredients based on weight. I love using kitchen scales. I may be weird, but this book is awesome.

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Book Review: 1001 Foods To Die For

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing 1001 Foods To Die For with Introduction by Corby Kummer. I have never been so excited to read a book.  I saw the name of this cookbook and I had to read it.  1001 foods that you must eat before you die, is that a statement or a challenge.  Either way, I am in. I love food and a book that introduces me to new cuisines and foods is exactly what I am looking for.

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