How to Smoke a Turkey with Rex’s Turkey Rub

Smoked Turkey Rub

One of my favorite methods of cooking a turkey is on the smoker.  I find that the smoke adds some nice little notes that complement the turkey.  Traditionally, I use just salt and pepper.  However, I wanted to come up with a rub that would give me some mouth watering, super tasty turkey.  I think I may have done just that.

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Broth Based Turkey Brine

Broth Turkey Brine

I love to smoke a turkey for the holidays.  I have discovered that the only way to smoke an amazing turkey is to brine the turkey (and to tell you the truth, I even brine my oven-baked turkeys now).  Without brining, the turkey can be dry and tough. However, if you use a standard brine, the turkey is guaranteed to be juicy and tender.  This year, I decided to step up my brining process by using a super flavorful broth. The results were downright amazing.  I know you will enjoy!

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How to Brine a Turkey

Turkey Brine

It is that time of the year.  The time when many people freak out trying to cook a turkey for a large group of people.  When done right, turkey is the most amazing food around.  However, turkey easily dries out and needs to be monitored when cooked.  The easiest way to add flavor and keep … Read moreHow to Brine a Turkey