Texas Brisket Wrapped in Butcher Paper

Texas brisket

I have been cooking a lot of brisket lately.  It is my favorite bbq meat.  I guess I am a Texan at heart.  However, I have been cooking a standard competition style brisket in order to perfect my craft.  But sometimes you just want to cook something different.  So I decided I should try a … Read moreTexas Brisket Wrapped in Butcher Paper

Prepare for the perfect 4th of July

Grilled Vodka Lemonade Spritzer

This week is the busiest week of the year for most grills and barbecues.  Happy July 4th to everyone!  Get out there and make some hamburgers and hot dogs.  If you are feeling adventurous try a few of the following.  I have prepared a list of some of my favorite summer dishes.

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Competition Beef Brisket

Competition BBQ Brisket

For the past couple of years I have been competing in Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions up and down the east coast.  Ever since I have started people have been asking me for a competition style recipe.  Well here is my brisket recipe. Competition Brisket The first thing required is a packer brisket.  They are … Read moreCompetition Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket Injection

Beef Brisket Injection

A ton of people believe that all natural is the way to go to get perfect barbecue.  I used to be in that category until I started competing.  Then I discovered how much injections enhance the flavor, texture and overall quality of the barbecue.  This is my go-to brisket injection.  It is simple and delicious. … Read moreBeef Brisket Injection

13lb Brisket

The other week I ran into Aaron from Wagshals.  When I was talking to him I found out that they could get a full brisket.  The briskets that you get at a standard market are prepackaged briskets that are pre-trimmed and do not have the deckle or point attached.  The deckle is the top meaty/fatty area on the top of the brisket that helps keep a brisket moist during the smoking process.  So a couple of weeks ago I called Wagshals and ordered a whole brisket.  I was thinking that it was going to be 9-10lbs but when I picked it up, it was a massive 13+ pounds.  Got to love Wagshals.

A whole Brisket - 13+ lbs


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