Double Double Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Add the kisses

There is nothing that defines this time of year like Christmas Cookies!  One of our favorite cookies is the kiss cookie.  Traditionally, this cookie uses a peanut butter dough, but our recipe uses a s*$% ton of chocolate.  Yep, four types of chocolate. Two types of chocolate on the inside and two types of chocolate on the outside. Chocolate cookies, filled with chocolate chips, rolled in chocolate sprinkles and topped with a Hershey kiss…pretty much everything a chocolate lover (like my wife and son)would enjoy.  These cookies are the ultimate Christmas gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

Perfectly cooked double double kiss cookies

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Double Smoked Ham

Double Smoked Ham

A double smoked ham is the perfect holiday meal.  First, it is delicious!  Second, it is cooked outside on a grill or smoker and as a result you have an open oven inside for all of your side dishes.  Finally, it is fantastic looking and smelling.  This meal is a show stopper and will make your guests’ jaws hit the floor.  Who doesn’t want to have a show stopping centerpiece for their holiday meal?!  This dish utilizes a fully cooked ham that you smoke and reheat on your grill or smoker.  It is so delicious!

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Best Christmas Cookies 2016

Gingerbread Cookies

We are only a few days away from Christmas and that can only mean one thing.  Christmas Cookies!!!  I love all types of cookies but for some reason, all cookies taste better at Christmas!  This list includes everything from Cut out cookies to fudge crinkles.  Lots of sugar, lots of chocolate and a ton of Christmas Fun!  Check out our best Christmas Cookies for 2016!

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Thermapen Mk4 Review

Thermapen Mk4

I am a huge fan of the Thermapen.  It is fast, accurate, durable and an extension of my arm in the kitchen.  It is the one kitchen/bbq tool that I could not live without.  I honestly don’t know how people can cook without checking temperatures.  I have had my Thermapen for almost 5 years and it works as good today as it did the day I purchased it.  The other day the great people over at Thermoworks sent me the newest Thermapen to try out.  I was a bit skeptical that I would need a new Thermapen.  However, The Thermapen Mk4 is not just an incremental update, it is a brand new kick butt thermometer.  The new features make this not only a kick butt thermometer, but the best Thermapen ever! Check out my review below.

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Standing Rib Roast

Standing Rib Roast

In the last few weeks since Black Friday, there have been crazy deals on everything from toasters to turkeys.  One ad that we saw had Standing Rib Roasts for $4.99 a pound.  Not too shabby.  So, this year Dana and I thought that we would change things up a bit and cook a Standing Rib Roast for our holiday meal.  It was the best decision that we made.  It was freaking awesome!  Who doesn’t love a huge hunk of meat covered in a fresh herb rub and roasted to perfection!

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Cutout Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

My wife Dana is a great baker.  She also has a great eye for design.  So I have to put it out there, these cookies are all her.  My hands are not steady enough and my decorating ideas are not good enough to make these cookies. However, she was happy to share them with all of you.  So a big thank you to Dana! How awesome do these cookies look? By the way, these sugar cookies are perfection.  They are not too sweet, thus allowing you to coat them in super sweet royal icing.  Plus, they hold up great without overly rising.  Therefore, your cutouts look exactly as they should.

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My Favorite Appetizers!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.  Since it is the holiday season, I wanted to share some of my favorite appetizers from the blog.  I have compiled my list and put them below.  Enjoy! Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pull Bread     Bill’s Bruschetta   Green Bean Fries   Boneless Buffalo Wings   Grilled Hot … Read moreMy Favorite Appetizers!

Soft Molasses Cookies

Soft Molasses Cookies

The third cookie that Dana made for our Christmas cookie tins was soft molasses cookies.  These are soft and chewy with just a hint of spice.  The perfect treat on a cold night.  We ate a ton of these.  Not sure how any were left to give away. Soft Molasses Cookies Cream together the shortening … Read moreSoft Molasses Cookies

Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles

This was the second cookie that Dana made for our Christmas cookie tins.  I love snickerdoodles and could not even think of a way to improve on them.  However, Dana found a way.  She used browned butter instead of regular butter.  The brown butter gave the already amazing cookies, a great rich flavor.  These are … Read moreBrown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies

Fudge Crinkles

Fudge Crinkle Cookie

For the next couple of posts I am handing the reigns over to my wife Dana!  She was in a Christmas cookie kind of mood and we decided to have a Christmas Cookie Marathon.  Dana is a great baker and here is her first recipe.  Fudge Crinkles.  I have never had these before, but they … Read moreFudge Crinkles