1st Annual Smithfield BBQ Classic

Smithfield BBQ Classic

The 1st Annual Smithfield BBQ Classic was one of the best BBQ contests that I have ever been to!  The location, the guinea pig style competition and the company of Smithfield were all great.  The town of Smithfield is charming and the Smithfield staff were hospitable and amazing!  Arlie Bragg and Big Poppa Smokers put on a great competition. I mentioned before that this competition was a guinea pig competition.  This means that all of the teams received their meat from the organizer (Amazing Smithfield Prime pork and a Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket).  Yep, everyone started with the same meat.  I love this concept.  It also included a Kids Que contest (Liam competed) and a delicious pot luck dinner the night before the competition.

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Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – Medford, NY

Sam's Club BBQ Tour Reserve Grand Champion

I must say that I felt really good going into this contest on Long Island.  I reviewed all of my previous contests, tweaked all of my recipes and went in with high hopes.  We had a great cook.  Although it rained all night and we almost ran out of wood, we made it.  Bill and … Read moreSam’s Club National BBQ Tour – Medford, NY