National Hot Dog Day!

Today is National Hot Dog Day!  Who knew that July 23rd, 2014 was National Hot Dog Day?  Well now that you know, you should go out and cook a hot dog.  Here are my best hot dog recipes.  There is no better day to try out one of these recipes.  I recommend the bacon wrapped … Read moreNational Hot Dog Day!

Boneless Buffalo Wings

Boneless Buffalo Wings

The other day I was cleaning the garage and found a deep fryer that Dana and I received as a wedding present.  It was perfect timing, as the Big game is approaching and I received a question on how to make homemade boneless buffalo wings.  I have made wings in the past, but never boneless ones.  So I picked up a dozen chicken breasts from Costco and started experimenting.  After my third iteration I found the perfect combination.

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