Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Valentine's Day Pressed Cookies

Valentine’s Day is filled with full restaurants and chocolate hearts. Why not spend the night at home and cook a dinner fit for a king or Queen. We have compiled a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day recipes. The recipes are perfect for an intimate dinner. The recipes are easy and have step by step instructions so that you can show off your culinary skills. Plus, there is no stress trying to get reservations in a crowded restaurant. It is a win win.

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Garlic and Ginger Beef Stir-fry

Garlic and Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

My wife and son love steak, especially filet mignon.  So I have been buying whole beef tenderloins, when they are on sale, and cutting them up into steaks.  Saves me a ton of money, they end up being about $6 each.  Not to shabby for 1.5 inch thick steaks. When doing this I end up … Read moreGarlic and Ginger Beef Stir-fry