National Hot Dog Day!

Today is National Hot Dog Day!  Who knew that July 23rd, 2014 was National Hot Dog Day?  Well now that you know, you should go out and cook a hot dog.  Here are my best hot dog recipes.  There is no better day to try out one of these recipes.  I recommend the bacon wrapped … Read moreNational Hot Dog Day!

Coney Island Hot Dog Chili

Coney Island Chili Dog

I woke up hungry for a chili dog.  Not just any chili dog, a Coney Island style chili dog.  You know, the one with the chili that is all meat and very finely chopped.  Almost resembles a sloppy joe if it were not for that spicy kick.  So I went on a quest for the … Read moreConey Island Hot Dog Chili

Homemade Hamburger Buns

Sesame Seed Buns

I wanted to recreate the soft billowy store bought hamburger buns at home.  I tried a few recipes and the only one that came close was the one from King Arthur Flour.  The buns came out perfectly brown and had an amazing texture.  The only thing that was disappointing was that the buns were a little hard on the outside.  I still haven’t gotten them perfect but they are pretty awesome.  So without further ado, here are my buns (Haha).  They browned perfectly and look great with the sesame seeds.

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Southwestern Hot Dogs

Over the weekend I had a hot dog and it reminded me of the hot dog stands in the Midwest. For some reason they are big in the Midwest but not out East. In the Midwest we had storefronts that just sold hot dogs. 20-30 different varieties of hot dogs. One of my favorite hot dogs was a southwestern hot dog. So delicious.

Spicy and awesome with a nice hit of refreshing sour cream.
Spicy and awesome with a nice hit of refreshing sour cream.

I was discussing my favorite dog with my friends and they said it sounded gross. Who would want sour cream on a hot dog. With the spiciness of the peppers and salsa, the sour cream is a welcome addition.

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