Big Game Buffalo Wings

Peach Hot wings

Nothing says football like buffalo wings.  I have compiled a list of the best buffalo wing recipes on  Each of the wing recipes below use a different sauce and each uses a different method for cooking.  Feel free to browse and then mix and match the sauces with the various methods of cooking.  My … Read moreBig Game Buffalo Wings

Peach Hot Wings

Peach Hot wings

Last week I made Chipotle Peach Chicken. It was awesome and as soon as I tasted the barbecue sauce I realized that it would be an amazing hot wing sauce. So I fine tuned it and made some wings. I must admit that it was awesome. The wings have a little heat on the front end, a sweet note and then the spice hits you on the back end (yeah I said back end). Totally awesome. Since the main part of the heat is on the back end, you can eat a couple and let the spice build. Basically the perfect hot wing.

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