Poutine, Oh Glorious Poutine!!!

So I have been searching the DC metro area for cheese curds for a couple of weeks. The other night I went out to dinner with my friends Ryan and Melissa and they informed me that you can purchase cheese curds at Trader Joes.  This is awesome as it is right down the street. So yes, Trader Joes carries cheese curds in the DC metro area, if you were looking. Once I had my hands on the magnificent curds I only had one thought in my head, Poutine. What is Poutine you ask? It is a dish that is popular in Canada that contains cheese curds, french fries, and beef gravy. Well our Neighbors to the North (Canada) know how to pile on the calories in a single meal (roughly 1000 calories in a single serving). Sounds a little overkill, but it is completely amazing.

It is so tasty that you don't need to count the calories. - It's a free pass!!
It is so tasty that you don’t need to count the calories. – It’s a free pass!!

The standard is white cheddar curds but all I could find were yellow curds. Tastes the same, just looks a bit different.

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