Grilled chicken bruschetta

Chicken Bruschetta

Grilled chicken bruschetta was born from having too many tomatoes in our pantry and no bread in sight.  I was also looking for a low carb meal, so I decided to grill chicken cutlets and use them as the toasted bread in my bruschetta recipe.  The results were awesome!  The chicken was a perfect vessel … Read moreGrilled chicken bruschetta

Bacon Crust Pizza

Bacon Crust Pizza

Ever since my BreakFast Fatty post, I have been getting bombarded with emails requesting more bacon recipes.  So I took the bacon weave from the breakfast fatty, cooked it like my bacon crusted quiche and mixed it with America’s Favorite Dish, PIZZA!  Yep, I took this pizza to the carbohydrate free extreme (ok a few carbs in the sauce, but come on, bacon crust pizza).  I made the crust out of pure BACON!

Read moreBacon Crust Pizza

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