Big Game Appetizers

Slice into rounds

The Big Game is this Sunday, and I want to make sure that you are all prepared for your party.  The Big Game is a great time to get together and party.  In order to keep your party lively, appetizers and finger foods are the best way to go for game day food.  That way you can keep it light.  You don’t want your guests falling asleep during half time. Besides a nice selection of Ice Cold Beer, you should consider serving some of my favorite Appetizers. These recipes are tested and guaranteed to keep your guests happy and full.

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Pepperoni Pinwheels – The Ultimate Appetizer

Pepperoni Pinwheels

Pepperoni Pinwheels are the ultimate appetizer.  They contain all of the ingredients from everyone’s favorite meal, Pizza!  They are easily shared and can be dipped in your favorite pizza/marinara sauce.  Pepperoni Pinwheels are like mini pepperoni pizza sans pizza sauce.  Therefore you can eat them in your favorite white shirt without too much worry.  This is quite possibly one of the best appetizers that I have ever made.

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Pepperoni Stromboli


When I was a kid we used to get Strombolis’ from a little pizza place near our house.  They were not rolled like typical a Stromboli but  were folded in a half-moon shape like a Calzone.  However, the biggest difference was that the stromboli had sauce inside of it and the Calzone had sauce on the side. … Read morePepperoni Stromboli