Our Favorite Labor Day Recipes

Labor Day Time to Relax

Summer may be winding down, but there is still time to go outside and grill some amazing dishes!  We have compiled a list of our favorite Labor Day Recipes.  A list of easy and delicious dishes that are guaranteed to make your BBQ a success! Check out our favorite recipes below…

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Summertime Picnic Brownies

Picnic Brownies

I have a vast collection of cookbooks.  Some are new and some I have collected from yard sales and random book sales.  I was looking through one random book on baking when a cutout of random paper fell into my lap.  That cutout was from a July issue of Coastal Living, and described this brownie … Read moreSummertime Picnic Brownies

Ribs Ribs Ribs

My parents came to DC this weekend and my father loves to barbecue. So I decided to go to restaurant depot and grab some ribs. The ribs at the depot are amazing. They are cheap, they are untrimmed, and they are meaty. Remember to ask your butcher at your local supermarket for untrimmed meat when … Read moreRibs Ribs Ribs

Creamy Potato Salad

  • The perfect side dish for barbecue, sandwiches, pork, or any picnic is Potato Salad.  My Grandma Dot has a great recipe for potato salad.  So, I called up my Mom this weekend for the recipe and instructions for Grandma’s perfectly creamy potato salad.

Perfect Potato Salad

The perfect potato salad takes at least 6 hours to make.  So if you are in a rush, you might want to go to the deli counter and just get some there.  But, trust me.  If you have time this recipe is totally worth it. 

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