Wicked Good Barbecue – Book Review

Wicked Good Barbecue

For Father’s Day I received a copy of Chris Hart and Andy Husbands barbecue book, “Wicked Good Barbecue” from my son Liam.  This book has been on my wish list for a while and I was quite pleased that as a 6 month old he remembered. Smart Kid!  I have been reading it for a … Read moreWicked Good Barbecue – Book Review

Book Review: Weber’s Charcoal Grilling

Weber's Charcoal Grilling

Jamie Purviance has done it again. Weber’s Charcoal Grilling is the perfect book for the summer.  This book has all of the basics for the beginner and over a hundred recipes that even an expert would love.  This is the best book I have come across for the charcoal lover. When Weber puts their name … Read moreBook Review: Weber’s Charcoal Grilling

Champagne Taste Test

Since today is New Years Eve I wanted to do a little Champagne Taste Test.  I like to drink a lot of champagne, so I like to go with quantity.  Thus, all of the bottles are less than $15.  As you know, price does not always translate to quality!

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Columbia Firehouse

109 South Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3119
(703) 683-1776

Columbia Firehouse is located in Old Town Alexandria in the same space as the old Bookbinder Steakhouse.  Walking in I thought I was still in Bookbinders.  If you didn’t see the name out front, you wouldn’t know walking into the restaurant. Almost as if they did not even change anything at all.

The building is nice. It is full of rich woodwork, stained glass and even has a atrium dining room. I was seated in the atrium dining room for my meal. It nice but rather noisy. The service was a little slow and the server had to be asked about the specials (pet peeve). I originally went to Columbia Firehouse with Ryan and Melissa for Restaurant Week, but after glancing over the menu we decided to order off the menu.  There was only one entree that could be combined with one appetizer on the whole menu that could add up with dessert to be $35.09.  To make matters worse, neither of those options were available on the Restaurant Week menu.

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Book Review: The Scandinavian Cookbook

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing The Scandinavian Cookbook by Trina Hahnemann.  When I saw this book I had to have it.  Being Scandinavian in descent, I wanted to learn more about traditional Scandinavian cooking.  Yes, I am Swedish.  … Read moreBook Review: The Scandinavian Cookbook

Book Review: 1001 Foods To Die For

Every Wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing 1001 Foods To Die For with Introduction by Corby Kummer. I have never been so excited to read a book.  I saw the name of this cookbook and I had to read it.  1001 foods that you must eat before you die, is that a statement or a challenge.  Either way, I am in. I love food and a book that introduces me to new cuisines and foods is exactly what I am looking for.

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Book Review – 25 Essential Techniques for Grilling

Every wednesday I review a cookbook to help weed out the good the bad and the ugly. This week I am reviewing 25 essential techniques for grilling by Ardie A. Davis. I love barbecuing and grilling and this book is right up my alley. Ardie A. Davis Ardie is an award winning expert with his … Read moreBook Review – 25 Essential Techniques for Grilling

Restaurant Review – Pienza Italian Market

Pienza Italian Market – 3 stars My parents came to town this last weekend and since it was Mother’s Day I made brunch reservations at Pienza Italian Market.  Pienza Italian Market is located in the Gaylord National Hotel at the National Harbor.  They have a large outdoor dining area that is located underneath the giant … Read moreRestaurant Review – Pienza Italian Market

What to do in DC this weekend (May 8-10)

Every friday I try to compile a list of food related events to go to in the DC area.  This week is no exception.

Meet Bravo’s Top Chefs

Carla Hall and Spike Mendelsohn will be in Adams Morgan @ 18th Street and Wyoming Avenue with the Top Chef Tour.  They will have cooking demonstrations, autographs and you can purchase Top Chef Gear.   They will have three shows at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm.  Pre-registration is full but they will have tickets available at the event. This is first come, first serve, so be early.  I love Carla, if you guys go tell her hi for me!!!

Eat Where Obama Eats

Obama was spotted at Rays Hell Burger this week.  It is the new hot spot for burgers.  Check out my review of Rays Hell Burger.  The burgers are tasty, not too expensive, and the atmosphere is pretty cool.  Expect long lines.

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Sunday “Easter” Brunch

With the upcoming holiday weekend I wanted to post about what to do this weekend in Washington, DC.  But after realizing that it is Easter weekend, there is only one thing came to mind.  Sunday Brunch!!! and… Mimosas.

Sunday Brunch is a ritual for a lot of people, but where to go is always a chore.  I know that every single restaurant these days has brunch and it is hard to decide where to go.  I wanted to write up a list of great places that I have gone for brunch, to make your lives easier.  Plus, a lot of these places are not that well known and will allow you to call today for reservations. 

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405 8th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 393-0812

I said it in the Cafe Atlantico post, I would return.  I did and it was a whole lot better than the first time.

Ahh minibar. When visiting cafe atlantico on the second floor sits a small counter with just six stools. Many without knowing think it is just a small bar sitting area for the one tops, but no, the lucky few that get to sit at those six seats each night are the luckiest people in the restaurant.

With just six seats and two servings each night it is hard to get just one of those hallowed seats. But how do you get a seat at minibar? My only answer is to call, call a lot. Reservations for minibar open up every day when the restaurant opens. But remember when you call you are calling for a reservation exactly one month from the day that you call. So if I call today March 30th, it would be for a reservation on April 30th. Sounds easy right? Nope. One more caviat. They start taking reservations at 10 am and  are regularly booked by 10:01 am.

So what are a few tips for snagging a reservation.

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Ray’s Butcher Burger

1713 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 841-0001 Butcher Burger, or Hellburger as it’s known locally, makes some damn good burgers.  Which is not totally unexpected, since it is owned by the same man who runs Rays the Steaks, located just a few storefronts away.  Whether it is worth the money and the time, that’s … Read moreRay’s Butcher Burger

Flying Fish – The Recap

815 King St Alexandria, VA 22314 www.flyingfishdc.com The yellow and purple Chi-chi-esque decor, out of place with the younger, hipster patrons who frequent this otherwise stylishly furnished sushi bar/restaurant, is only a foreshadowing of the gastronomical delights in store for those who eat here. Our server was a bubbly, personality-laden red-head who swore, wrongly, that … Read moreFlying Fish – The Recap