BBQ Guru Shotgun Smoker – Review

Shotgun BBQ Smoker

The other weekend I was able to get my hands on a prototype of the brand new BBQ Guru Shotgun Smoker.  While the smoker that I tested was a prototype, it is exactly the same as the production model. This smoker is available now from BBQ Guru. Since I was one of the first people to get … Read moreBBQ Guru Shotgun Smoker – Review

Silverton Foods Apple Rum Sauce – Review

Silverton Foods Apple Rum Sauce

A couple of weeks back, we received a selection of sauces from Silverton Foods.  Silverton foods makes many sauces including Apple Rum, Cherry Habanero and Pineapple Bourbon to name a few.  The one that jumped to our attention first was the Apple Rum Sauce.  Who could pass up a combination like fruit and alcohol?!  You know we love our fruit and alcohol here on the blog…well without the fruit, haha.  The thought of a sweet apple flavor with a nice kick from rum sounded like a winner!  Check out our review below.

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Thermapen Mk4 Review

Thermapen Mk4

I am a huge fan of the Thermapen.  It is fast, accurate, durable and an extension of my arm in the kitchen.  It is the one kitchen/bbq tool that I could not live without.  I honestly don’t know how people can cook without checking temperatures.  I have had my Thermapen for almost 5 years and it works as good today as it did the day I purchased it.  The other day the great people over at Thermoworks sent me the newest Thermapen to try out.  I was a bit skeptical that I would need a new Thermapen.  However, The Thermapen Mk4 is not just an incremental update, it is a brand new kick butt thermometer.  The new features make this not only a kick butt thermometer, but the best Thermapen ever! Check out my review below.

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BBQ Sauce Review: Cowtown Bar-B-Q Sauce

Cowtown Sauce

I collect barbecue sauces wherever I go. I don’t care if it is a farmer’s market, grocery store, big box store or even a back alley. Ok, the back alley might be a stretch. But you get my drift. On my latest trip to World Market I noticed that they had a nice selection of sauces. So I gravitated toward the KC sauces and picked up some Cowtown. This sauce is known around the bbq community as a great sauce. It even won best sauce in the world at the American Royal. Not too many sauces can say that.

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Grill Grates – Review

Grill Grates

A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to test and review some grill grates. When these arrived I will be honest, I was a bit skeptical.   How could you improve on grill grates?  Metal bars that hold food over an open fire.   Don’t they all do the same thing? Well I was wrong.  Grill grates are interlocking aluminum panels that sit on top of your current grill grates.  The Aluminum panels amplify the grill and convert it to infrared heat.  They also even out the cooking surface, prevent flareups and  give you the ultimate grill marks.  They are a great grill accessory that is quickly becoming the most used tool in my arsenal.

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Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Glaze

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

The other day the fine folks over at iDevices sent us a Kitchen Thermometer. The Kitchen Thermometer is a dual probe bluetooth thermometer that connects right to your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini. With your bluetooth connected device you can wirelessly monitor your thermometer, chart the temperature and set up alerts. This is not your mom’s kitchen thermometer. Well, unless your Mom is one connected lady. To test this device, I wanted to try it out on a large piece of meat. So, I went to the local store and found that pork tenderloins were on sale. I added a little bacon to the cart and we were all set for a great meal.  The Kitchen Thermometer from iDevices was great.  Check out the bottom of the post for a full review.

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Michelob Ultra Light Cider

Michelob Ultra Light Cider

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new hard cider from Michelob Ultra.  What is hard cider you ask?  Well cider is a refreshing alcoholic beverage similar to beer.  It is brewed using the same process as beer, but instead of using barley and hops, the main ingredient is apples.  So you end up … Read moreMichelob Ultra Light Cider