Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Valentine's Day Pressed Cookies

Valentine’s Day is filled with full restaurants and chocolate hearts. Why not spend the night at home and cook a dinner fit for a king or Queen. We have compiled a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day recipes. The recipes are perfect for an intimate dinner. The recipes are easy and have step by step instructions so that you can show off your culinary skills. Plus, there is no stress trying to get reservations in a crowded restaurant. It is a win win.

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How to Smoke Saint Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

St. Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

One of my most popular posts is “How to Smoke Ribs on a Gas Grill“. That recipe uses baby back ribs and is not timed for St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs. So, I decided to do a post on how to smoke St. Louis Spare Ribs on a gas grill. This method is a twist on competition ribs and the end product is amazing.  We start by smoking the ribs and then we wrap them to finish. They are a must try!

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The Best Memorial Day Recipes

Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Happy Memorial Day 2016! First and foremost, I want to thank all of the soldiers and veterans out there. Because of you guys and gals we can enjoy our freedom and we have the ability to celebrate Memorial Day. Thank You!

Memorial Day is the official start of the summer and nothing screams summer like, BBQ and grilling! To help out with your outdoor party, I have compiled a few tips, tricks and our best Memorial Day recipes to share with you all!

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Prepare for the perfect 4th of July

Grilled Vodka Lemonade Spritzer

This week is the busiest week of the year for most grills and barbecues.  Happy July 4th to everyone!  Get out there and make some hamburgers and hot dogs.  If you are feeling adventurous try a few of the following.  I have prepared a list of some of my favorite summer dishes.

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Memorial Day

Red, White and Blue Shooter AKA "Liquid America"

Happy Memorial Day!  I just want to give a quick shout out to all of the Veterans out there that have served this country. Thank you very much for all that you have done.  The United States would be nothing without you.  As for today, it is the best grilling day of the  year.  Get … Read moreMemorial Day

Barbecue Sans Barbecuing

In the last two weeks I have been getting a lot of emails regarding my rib recipe. The number one question is, “How do I do this in my apartment”. To get the real deal, there really isn’t a shortcut. However, I do have a great rib recipe for making ribs in the oven. Yes, barbecued ribs without a barbecue.

These ribs are fall off the bone tender with a nice smokey flavor.
These ribs are fall off the bone tender with a nice smokey flavor.

Besides being really tasty they are quite easy to make.  Plus, they only take about 3 hours to make.

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Ribs Ribs Ribs

My parents came to DC this weekend and my father loves to barbecue. So I decided to go to restaurant depot and grab some ribs. The ribs at the depot are amazing. They are cheap, they are untrimmed, and they are meaty. Remember to ask your butcher at your local supermarket for untrimmed meat when … Read moreRibs Ribs Ribs