How to Smoke a Turkey with Rex’s Turkey Rub

Smoked Turkey Rub

One of my favorite methods of cooking a turkey is on the smoker.  I find that the smoke adds some nice little notes that complement the turkey.  Traditionally, I use just salt and pepper.  However, I wanted to come up with a rub that would give me some mouth watering, super tasty turkey.  I think I may have done just that.

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How to Smoke Saint Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

St. Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

One of my most popular posts is “How to Smoke Ribs on a Gas Grill“. That recipe uses baby back ribs and is not timed for St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs. So, I decided to do a post on how to smoke St. Louis Spare Ribs on a gas grill. This method is a twist on competition ribs and the end product is amazing.  We start by smoking the ribs and then we wrap them to finish. They are a must try!

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Fried BBQ Shrimp

Fried BBQ Shrimp

My father-in-law is a huge fan of fried shrimp. The last time he came to visit we decided to dust off the deep fryer and make some fried shrimp. We started with some fresh shrimp, dredged them in egg wash and coated them with bbq rub seasoned bread crumbs. The results were fantastic!  The tastiest shrimp that I have ever had!

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Texas Brisket Wrapped in Butcher Paper

Texas brisket

I have been cooking a lot of brisket lately.  It is my favorite bbq meat.  I guess I am a Texan at heart.  However, I have been cooking a standard competition style brisket in order to perfect my craft.  But sometimes you just want to cook something different.  So I decided I should try a … Read moreTexas Brisket Wrapped in Butcher Paper

Hamburger Seasoning


I love a good old hamburger. Nothing screams “America”, like a burger!  I find that simple is the way to go. Ground beef with a good seasoning.  I have been working on my seasoning for a couple of years.  I have finally come up with the perfect go to seasoning.  It is simple, but hits … Read moreHamburger Seasoning

Peppered Chicken Tacos

Peppered Chicken Tacos

I was looking to make some peppered steak tacos, but I could not find skirt steak for the life of me.  So I took the rub and put it on some butterflied chicken breasts. It turned out awesome!  Dana and I loved them.  I know that tacos are usually served with corn tortillas but I … Read morePeppered Chicken Tacos

Pork in the Park – My first Competition

Pork Barrel BBQ

Well this past weekend I accompanied the Pork Barrel BBQ team to Pork in the Park for my first ever BBQ competition. It was a ton of fun and quite intense.  The first day was quite relaxing then you realize that the next day you have to turn in all of your meat within a two hour window.  Doesn’t seem like much, but you have to present the meat in a fully garnished box.  It was a ton of work.  Overall we did not do as good as we liked, but we learned a lot.  Like one, bring zero gravity chairs as they are easy to sleep in.  Two, BBQ is very subjective and what one person likes, another person may not. Three, earplugs are a plus.

Pork in the Park

Here are a few pictures from the event.  As you can see, it is smoke and tents for as far as the eye can see.  It was pretty intense.   BBQ competitions are not about having the best equipment, they are about having the best final product.  Thus, you see the whole spectrum.  There were people with full trailer pits with bars, TVs and even Margaritaville Blenders.  There were also people with a quick pop-up tent and a single little smoker made from an old oil drum.

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Ribs Ribs Ribs

My parents came to DC this weekend and my father loves to barbecue. So I decided to go to restaurant depot and grab some ribs. The ribs at the depot are amazing. They are cheap, they are untrimmed, and they are meaty. Remember to ask your butcher at your local supermarket for untrimmed meat when … Read moreRibs Ribs Ribs