A Sugar Cookie

I have been on the lookout for a good recipe to re-create the smiley face cookies that I had as a child.  These are the large sugar cookies that had the hard glaze over them.  I discovered the glaze but the cookie always seems to evade me.  I have been making sugar cookies over the past couple of months to try to re-create them.  Although the sugar cookie in this post isn’t the right one for the smiley face cookie, it is super tasty.  It is light and fluffy with a great flavor, a perfect sugar cookie.   The one that I strive for, is harder and crunchier and a tad bit sweeter.  Not the definition of a perfect sugar cookie, but the perfect cookie to recreate my childhood memories.  Anyway I had to post about this cookie, because out of the bunch, it tasted really good.

The Smiley Face Cookie

As you can see, I painted the eyes and mouth before the first glaze completely hardened.  Thus, giving me a not so perfect smiley face.  🙁

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