Red Hot Stag – Thirsty Thursday

I love Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon from Jim Beam.  It is freaking delicious!  I know what you are thinking, Red Stag tastes great as-is! There really is no need to mix this stuff at all.  However, this stuff tastes so good that it screams to be mixed in a cocktail.  I stumbled into this … Read moreRed Hot Stag – Thirsty Thursday

The Kool-Shot

Sorry that this post didn’t go up earlier.  I just got a phone call from my Father at 3:30 PM eastern asking where my drink of the day was.  I totally had way too many of them yesterday and accidentally scheduled it for 6PM instead of 6AM.  Oops.  My Bad.  Well at least there is proof that the drink is awesome.  Here it is……

Every Wednesday I take a break from the real world and make a cocktail.  Sometimes they are extravagant and sometimes they are simple.  It depends on my mood when Wednesday comes around.  Well this week I was happy and in the mood for a drink or ten.  So I took the day off and decided to make shots.  Yep, good old fashioned get you tipsy shots.  I made a couple, but one kept calling my name.  It was the Kool-Shot.

The Kool-Shot
The Kool-Shot

Quick, dirty, cheap and extremely tasty.

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